Obama Stimulus= Bush Stimulus

Something i don’t get is where did the Bush stimulus plan go???? all that money never even got out of the federal reserve i guess either that or it was a wasted 800 billion. Now Obama is putting up another 800 billion plan. He calls congress to show bipartisan favor and vote for what he supports. That is not bipartisan politics that is trying to get the other side to cave in. You can’t ask the republicans to vote for a stimulus package they don’t agree in. Now that its passed Obama Democrats will scathe republicans for trying to stop bipartisan politics. Yet they don’t even get it, BIPARTISAN politics is not caving into the other side but rather giving in on some of your demands and giving the other side enough in the stimulus of what their asking for.
The Democratic Congress of the last year of the Bush administration had the job of putting in a TARP or stimulus package. Theirs obviously didn’t work the first time and now they are claiming their politics will work because its a new year and a new president…. thats bogus.

The old stimulus package contained to much pork-barrel spending and democrats admitted that but they wont admit it this time. Even though there is a 1.5 million dollars going to a WATER PARK IN MIAMI, yeah this will create a few jobs but nobody has the money to go to the freaking water park!!!!!!! plus the lower income class who usually votes democrats wont be helped by this spending frenzy.

***** What we need in this stimulus package is huge tax cuts/tax refunds. What is going out and spending money on roads going to do. Yes, create jobs, but how long will that last?…. till the end of building the roads….A stimulus package creates jobs in the next 2 to 6 months. 90% of Obama’s package doesnt even come into affect until 2010.  I guess he is already planning ahead for a re-election.  Obama is trying to take the FDR approach on building infrastructure well it worked for FDR because we had no infrastructure.  That is why it created so many more jobs back then.  Yes it would create jobs and our roads need fixing but that is a budgeted item not a STIMULUS item.
I have a statistic in the first bailout package that shows in an 800 billion bailout every person in america can have 250,000$$$. Why not give every family some 10,000$$$ to do with it what they want and that should cost, without calculations, less than 20 billion. Then add another 10 or 20 billion in infrastructure and call it quits. That is a stimulus of 40 billion!!!! not 800 billion

Most of this money is suppose to go to banks once again. But what have the banks done with the money? Well citi group thought it would buy a new private jet, but after an uproar they decided not to. Thats after they went to florida on an executive trip, then they paid out bonus for its executive of over 1,000,000$/person. Bank of America was doing good till it decided to buy every failing bank in site knowing the government would help them out…. guess that wasn’t so smart since they look like the possible first to fail……

*****The Economy is a dog eat dog world… if you decide to spend more than you make you become poor(debt) if your a business you should be allowed to fail. But not in today’s time its all about saving businesses in trouble. To me they had the choice of how to do business and they chose the wrong way! there are plenty of small local banks people need to take their money to because they made the right choices on how to invest their money and they dont need BAIL OUT money to keep going.

*** So help out your local economy buy what you can locally and save what you need to. Dont fret but put your money into local banks that are secure and do great business tactics. Don’t reward these big banks for their stupidity by keeping your money in them! Also if you have a little extra money now would be a great time to invest it in the stock/mutual fund department!!!! buy low and sell high!!!