American Liberty Association endorses Ben Swann’s Truth in Media project.



http://americanlibertyassociation.com/ – http://benswann.com/ 


“Ben Swann spent 14 years working as a journalist in broadcast news, (most recently as a FOX anchor in Cincinnati) has won two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards, and has realized for a while now that the mainstream media is not interested in telling the truth. 

 Ben is taking a stand, and it is time for the grassroots to stand up and back a true investigative reporter to bring truth to the masses. The MSM has lied about Syria, the economy, drone strikes, Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings, and the list goes on. The grassroots will not allow the MSM to remain unchecked and unchallenged. We have the chance to take a stand and back Ben Swann’s “Liberty Is Rising Truth In Media” project.”

“The American Liberty Association was established to provide a platform for individuals who believe in Judeo-Christian values and libertarian political philosophy.  At the heart of our organization we believe that everyone has been endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that these God-given rights cannot be given or taken away by any government, and that when a government attempts the abridgement of these rights we as individuals are not only justified, but obligated to appeal to heaven.”

Please do what you can to help Ben’s project succeed and donate at –


Viva la Media Revolution!

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