An open letter to Reince Priebus

Greetings Mr. Priebus, I recently heard you were asking for suggestions on how to improve our party and return us to winning national elections, and I think the answers are pretty straightforward and can be found right in our own party.


The liberal mainstream media has been running stories on the GOP having to cheat our way back to winning, but this isn’t the case, and I truly believe we can win in the marketplace of ideas if we just mean what we say – and win everywhere, every time.


  1. Mean it when we say we’re the party of freedom and personal responsibility.


We’ve called ourselves this for so long, but for almost just as long the liberal MSM have called us hypocrites when it comes to freedom, and they’ve been able to paint a picture to America that it’s only our economic freedom that we advocate.   Let’s stop giving them any ammunition to use on this, and start being advocates for freedom across the board.  Take a stand against the encroaching police state, promote ending the TSA,warrantless wiretaps, and indefinite detention.   Promote ending laws that have given us the largest prison population on the planet and undermine our calls for personal responsibility, and promote ending the failed “War on Drugs.”  When we really promote freedom for everyone and quit advocating for people to be locked up when they act personally irresponsibly in our eyes but hurt no one but themselves, we’ll gain Millions of new supporters.

2.  Mean it when we say we’re pro-life.


I’m tired of hearing the media paint us as hypocrites on this issue.  If we’re pro-life across the board they wont be able to.  Take a stand against the death penalty and instead advocate for making prison a life in hell for those who commit murder.  Take a stand against drone strikes that take place in countries we’re not at war with.  Take a stand against war unless we’re attacked as we were on 9/11 2001 and December 7th  1941, and when we do go to war, advocate that we do it constitutionally and that it’s voted on by congress, and lay out a clear definition of victory, and then advocate for the war to be fought all out , and without restrictive rules of engagement (I speak on this as an Iraq vet) so as to minimize the time it takes to achieve that victory and keep loss of life on both sides to an absolute minimum.  When we do this, we can no longer be called hypocrites when it comes to being pro-life, and so we’ll be that much closer to our goal of stopping ending lives of the unborn here in America.

3..Mean it when we say we want to reduce government spending.

We have been hypocrites when it comes to our calls to reduce spending.  For too long we’ve been critical of government spending here at home while seeming to promote a vision that big government could do no wrong overseas.   Promote ending foreign aid.  Americans are especially tired of seeing their hard-earned dollars flow overseas to countries that are not our friends.  Start cutting it there, and then end it everywhere else.  Promote putting the defense back in the Department of Defense.  Treating the military budget like a sacred cow has not only given us weapon systems that are overpriced and unnecessary to our defense; it’s hurt our credibility that we’re serious about balancing the budget.  Promote cutting the budget across the board and we’ll have a much easier time of making the case that we actually are truly fiscally conservative.


4.  Mean it when we say we want to limit the role of the federal government.

I think we can advocate this in a way that doesn’t scare off people who have become dependent on government largesse and their liberal defenders.   Let the American people know that we want them to be able to have the choice between a cradle to grave nanny state and freedom from government intervention, but that we want the federal government out of the equation.  Then advocate an end to the federal agencies that Ronald Reagan talked about ending such as the Department of Education and don’t stop there, from Obamacare to the EPA to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, make a case to keep tax dollars from going to Washington D.C., that fund these programs and agencies in the first place and instead direct them to state capitols to manage these programs at the state level if the voters of the state decide they want them or not.

Let us conservatives know the GOP is serious about limiting the federal governments power; we’re starting to wonder, (decades long plans to simply balance the annual budget don’t help!) and you don’t want us to wander!


5.  Mean it when we say we support capitalism and free markets, and distinguish it from something that has been masquerading as such and isn’t; corporatism.


What we have in the United States today is best described as “corporatism”, and corporatism is a collectivist system not too far removed from socialism and communism, with the big corporations actually advocating big government for more regulations that protect them and limit competition from entrepreneurial upstarts with new ideas.   This is going to be the hardest one of my suggestions for you to run with, as even we have become dependent on corporatism, but we stand to gain potentially tens of millions of new supporters when we do make this stand.  Promote truly free markets.  Explain to America that no corporation is too big to fail and that regulations that protect them need to go.  Make a case for sound money and take a stand against Keynesianism and endless rounds of quantitative easing that is putting our dollar at risk.  Let America know that we have their back, and we stand to become a party that can never be beaten.



We Don’t Have To Cheat When We Have Ideas That Compete!  We don’t have to become democrat–light to start winning national elections and in the urban areas we’ve been locked out of winning for so long that we’ve given up.  We don’t need to water down our party to appeal to women, LBGT’s and people of color.  We just need to mean what we’ve already been saying.


Zak Carter