John Dennis vs. Nancy Pelosi

This is not an easy district for Republicans to win in.  Dana Walsh ran in 2008 against Pelosi, she recieved 9.2% of the vote.  In fact a Republican has not won here since 1950.

2008 Vote totals courtesy of CQ Politics:
Nancy Pelosi (D) 128,148 71.6%
Cindy Sheehan (I) 30,344 17%
Dana Walsh (R) 16,408 9.2%
Philip Berg (LIBERT) 4,074 2.3%

Mrs. Walsh’s 9.2% was less than the 9.5% of registered Republicans in the district, and the lowest vote total of any Republican running against Nancy Pelosi.   Cindy Freaking Sheehan performed better than Dana Walsh.  The best Any Republican has performed against Pelosi was back in 1994, with a still sad 18%.

Enter 2010.

Dana Walsh is running again, but there is another Republican candidate in the race this year, John Dennis.  A new WND/Wenzell poll just released has Dennis at a surprisingly strong 22%, and SF voters largely do not know him yet.   John Dennis is an accomplished conservative businessman and entrepreneur, and of the San Francisco Republican County Executive Committee members eligible to endorse, all have endorsed Dennis. Jim Anderer of the Committee has stated “If our party rallies around John, we may have an historic upset in the making.” Chief of Police and Republican leader Tony Ribera, Bay Area Republican leader Leo Lacayo, former San Francisco Supervisor Tony Hall, and the iconic Barry Goldwater Jr. have also endorsed John Dennis.

Most of us here likely disagree with Mr. Dennis on his Paulish foreign policy positions, but here’s why I support him regardless –

1 – The precarious economic state of our nation due to our deficit, debt, and government largess. It is imperative we elect strict fiscal conservatives who believe in limited government where ever possible – to me it trumps all other issues. If the federal government continues on the path it’s on, it won’t matter if you and I believe the war on terror needs to be aggressively waged with every available tool, because we simply won’t have the money to fight it.  John Dennis is hands down the fiscal conservative in this race.

2 – John Dennis fits this district – or – The reality of San Francisco and other very liberal urban areas. Libertarian Republicans like John Dennis can win support of these urban areas that the GOP has long written off and performs very poorly in.  On these social issues that he can connect with voters there, I’d rather deal with a libertarian Republican who believes the U.S. Constitution says what it means, than a liberal like Pelosi.  In conversation I’ve had with Mr. Dennis, he believes that the federal government had no authority to legalize abortion due to the 10th Amendment, and that it is a State issue, ditto with Health Care.

3 – I believe that with traditional Reagan conservative Republican candidates running in the Statewide races and rural/suburban districts – along with the libertarian Republicans in urban areas long written off as too liberal to compete in, we have a winning coalition to take back America. Not just for a few years, but a chance to remove liberals from power for the rest of our lifetimes with a stake though the heart of the progressive movement with the rise of these libertarian Republicans behind their castle walls.

4 – John Dennis has the organization,  drive, and momentum to potentially knock Nancy Pelosi right into the unemployment line.

That’s reason enough for me.