Don't Do Away with Knights and Courage

“Since it is so likely that (children) will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.  Otherwise you are making their destiny not brighter but darker.” – C.S. Lewis.

My favorite stories growing up were always Disney stories that told of beautiful princesses, evil stepmothers, gruesome witches, and a dashing prince coming to save the day.  That last character seems to take a lot of heat nowadays.  No longer is he the good-hearted prince coming to save his lady; instead, the prince is portrayed as an antagonizing figure who comes along just in time to rescue her and deprive the princess of showing what she’s worth by saving herself.  ”Why does the prince always have to save her?!” these feminists are asking.  ”Why can’t these filmmakers accept the fact that women are just as capable of getting out of scrapes as men are!”

All of these complaints are part of a much larger project being embarked upon by today’s feminists.  These women have taken the notion of independence and turned it from a term meant to project quiet strength into one that requires a dismissal of men altogether.  Men who exert their masculine tendencies, in particular, are shunned and viewed as something that must be done away with.  To those feminists I would pose this question:  What happens when the manly men disappear?

Who will you turn to if your house catches on fire?

Who can help you if a man on the street tries to snatch your purse from your arm?

Who will you count on to build the house you may purchase down the road?

Who do you expect your son to look up to as he searches for the real-life version of heroes he reads about in fairy tales?

I believe “princes” still exist– as they should.  Without masculine men, society cannot properly function.  As feminists try to eliminate any trace of the masculine by vilifying it to make it appear abnormal, the sword-wielding, horse-riding heroes of old are being replaced by “murse”-carrying, tree-hugging boys.  Not only will this have immediately noticeable effects on how the country operates, but it will lose a generation of boys who have yet to realize the true meaning of manhood.  For them, feminism will be all that’s offered.  As a result, the world will witness the devastating effects that will no doubt come from masculinity taking a backseat to feminism.

Why are feminists so intimidated by masculine behavior?  Judging from the countless situations in which feminists directly attack the latter’s existence, it seems something about it makes these women tremble at its very mention.  Whether they are touting incorrect statistics to try to make men seem like unfair workers who earn more than their fair share or crying “sexual harassment” upon hearing that a high-school boy asked Miss America to be his prom date, these feminists are doing all they can to force manhood into extinction.  They’re making it bad to act like a man.  An eight-year old boy was suspended from school for three days for chewing his PopTart into the shape of a gun and a 7th-grade boy was suspended and forced to undergo a five-hour long physical and psychological evaluation because he twirled his pencil “like a gun.”  The only message that could possibly be gleaned from this is that guns are bad because violence is bad, so acting out any type of “violent” tendency is innately wrong, even if it be simply playing cowboys and Indians in the backyard.

This little boy was suspended for lobbing up a pretend grenade on the playground during recess.  In the middle of pretending to save the world from “bad guys,” a suspension was thrown his way and his intellect was no doubt perplexed; as noted here by Brandon Morse, is he now meant to believe that he should not save the world from those “bad guys”?  Should he just frantically reach for his phone to call the police as they escape, and not take action to stop them when he easily could?

Those “bad guys” exist.  If true manhood becomes an item of yesterday, who is left to fight the bad guys?  Women are naturally more nurturing while men are more aggressive (a fact that has been proven in various studies).  Boys prefer violent war games while girls gravitate toward playing house.  These are instincts present in every child at birth.  Attempting to deny boys the ability to exhibit these characteristics will lead to a society in which boys never become men and women are left wondering where the opposite sex went.  It’s not “threatening” for an elementary-aged boy to toss an imaginary grenade on the playground– it’s his way, whether he realizes it or not, of learning the foundations of manhood:  Courage, integrity, chivalry, bravery, diligence, dedication, and determination.

One good guy can stop many bad guys, but eliminating masculinity will leave us with no good guys to do so.  As feminists continue to berate masculinity and paint it as attempts by others to force women into this inferiority complex, we continue to inch closer to losing a generation of men and women.  Stop trying to rid the world of a force for good that truly is part of the glue that holds us together.  We need men.  Society cannot function without real men.  Women cannot act like women without men.   Masculinity and femininity combine to create a beautiful coexistence which brings out the best in both sides.  Doing away with the former will only lead to the destruction of the latter because it cannot fill the roles men occupy.

If the princes disappear, the princesses will be left to fight the wicked witches alone.  How long do you think that fight can possibly last?