It's Not About Finding Justice

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Justice cannot be for one side alone, but for both.”  Selective outrage is something we’ve come to accept as “normal” because of the Left’s constant use of it and the mainstream media’s approval of a huge majority of what the Left deems appropriate.  Big names such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who claim to be civil rights advocates, took to the streets to protest the ruling in the George Zimmerman case.  They viewed the incident that killed Martin as a racially-motivated one in which George Zimmerman, a Hispanic man who the media demanded was a racist white man, got away with racial hate that left an unarmed black teenager dead.  Sharpton went so far as to call Florida an “apartheid state” and said that “we’re going to be here until we get justice.”  It’s clear that Zimmerman did not act out of racial hatred, regardless of what these “civil warriors” try to tell you.  I applaud them for their willingness to stand up for issues they’re passionate about.  However, because I’ve heard nothing from these “warriors” about this incident, I question their true motives.

On July 9th on a school bus in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, three boys brutally attacked a young fellow passenger, throwing punches that left the victim with a broken arm and two black eyes.  The attackers were all 15-year African-American boys, and the victim was a 13-year old white boy.  Their reason for the attack?  The victim had refused to buy marijuana from one of the three attackers.

While any type of attack is tragic– both the Trayvon Martin and the St. Petersburg school bus incidents were horrific and should never have occurred– one cannot claim to care about both and then raise awareness for one over other.  Neither the mainstream media nor these “civil warriors” has mentioned the Florida school bus beating as a civil issue that should be paid attention to and looked at as a senseless act of violence that must be prevented.  Demands to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law were rampant following the Zimmerman verdict; where now are the cries from the Left to enact tighter anti-bullying legislation to prevent another school bus beating?

I have a hunch that I know why Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would rather focus on the Trayvon Martin case than the school bus beating (and it shouldn’t come as much of a shock).  Look at the races of those involved.  While George Zimmerman was Hispanic, not white, the media forced the idea that he was a racist white man picking on a helpless black teen.  This furthers Sharpton and Jackson’s narrative of victimhood and the everlasting white-perpetuated racism that continues to plague the country.  Rather than focus on cases that would shine a negative light on blacks and disprove part of their narrative, these wannabe-warriors would rather let this school bus beating slip under the carpet in exchange for demonizing a man who acted appropriately under state law.  Shame on Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and every other race-baiter who is demanding “justice” for Trayvon Martin but is ignoring justice for the young white man who was beaten by three black boys on his school bus.  You’re not really looking for justice– you’re looking for stories that will further your agenda.

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