Closing Arguments from the Next Generation

America is buit on dreams.

The pilgrims came to America on the Mayflower with the dream of religious liberty.  The founders fought a Revolution with the dream of a free nation.  A Civil War was fought with the dream of equality for all.  The social turbulence of the 1960s was directed with the dream of ending racial segregation once and for all.  “One Man’s Dream” resulted in a pretty iconic mouse and theme parks that are now scattered all over the world.  We tracked down the terrorists responsible for 9/11 with the dream of destroying those who seek to destroy us.  The iPhone started as an entrepreneur’s dream that turned into a worldwide phenomenon.  Activists all over this country work with the dream of preserving a nation as special as ours.

The possibility of dreams such as these existing in the future rests on the decision American voters make on November 6th.

I want to have the opportunity to dream of possibilities like those you read above.  My generation contains the next Henry Ford and Steve Jobs; but if the free-market disappears and young people are discouraged from starting their own businesses, those ideas will never come to fruition.  Success must be encouraged, not fought against– what nation has succeeded with an economic strategy of discouraging small businesses and instead handing out “free lunches” to the lazy and apathetic?

Your vote on Tuesday will determine many things.  One of those things will be whether my generation is given the environment necessary for business expansion and prosperous communities.  Another is whether we will be left with the resources and circumstances necessary to preserving and protecting the union of the United States.

You have two choices:  One is familiar, the other is a national newcomer.  Familiarity, however, does not always lend itself to accuracy.  This familiar figure has encouraged the murder of millions of unborn children, even up to the third trimester (and voted against a bill that would have helped children who survived abortion attempts).  He has spit in the face of the sanctity of marriage.  He has increased your personal share of the nation’s debt to $51,000.  He has watched unemployment rise to rates above 10% at its peak and almost 8% at its lowest.  He has allowed our standing in the world to be diminished greatly in exchange for “diplomatic solutions” to situations that require undoubtable strength.  He has conducted major cover-ups of details concerning failed programs that the public has a right to be informed of.  He has refused needed security increases to our citizens abroad, and watched (literally watched) as fellow Americans were murdered in brutal attacks.  He has strained our relationship with one of our closest allies and palled around with leaders whose hate for America is on broad display.  He has told my generation that we “didn’t build” whatever successes we may eventually obtain in business and encouraged us to let the government provide for us; he encourages us to remain ”children” until, at a minimum, age twenty-six.

These are the accomplishments of our current President.  On the path he is leading this country down, I will never have the opportunity to live out my American Dream as every generation before me has done.  My future and that of my generation is treated with reckless disregard by this President; he’s spending money faster than a teenage girl at the mall with a credit card.  The unfavorable economic circumstances he inherited no longer have any substance as an argument in the President’s favor– unemployment is now higher than when he took office.  Our national debt is on track to easily reach $20 trillion by 2016, doubling what it was when he took office in 2008.

A President must be a leader; additionally, he must be a man who has experienced success in business and can encourage young people to do the same.  My generation needs a leader who can take us through these tough times at home and abroad with certainty, clarity, and success.  Someone who has experience in lowering unemployment rates.  Someone who has experience in saving programs from the brink of failure.  Someone who has experience in encouraging young entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and grab success, whether or not it comes willingly.  Based on these requirements, it’s clear that we need new leadership in the White House.

There are many unfulfilled dreams in America today.  A young person has the dream of curing cancer and is even now researching how to accomplish that.  Another has the dream of putting poverty on the “endangered species list.”  Another wants to teach our incredible history in schools to coming generations.  Some even want to change the corrupt, greedy world we call Washington back to what it was originally intended to be.

Your vote on Tuesday will determine whether those dreams can become reality.  It sounds dramatic; but I promise you that every young person in this country, regardless of whether or not they are aware of it, is counting on your vote.  There are countless others like me who are resolved to return this nation to greatness and getting other young people involved– but all our efforts will be in vain if the future we are counting on is voted away and replaced with one so dangerous that entire careers have been spent on examining its potential damage.

Make an informed decision at the polls this Tuesday.

Remember the dreams you’ve been able to achieve in America.

An entire generation of dreamers is depending on you.