My Thoughts on the RedState Gathering

Last weekend I attended the 4th annual RedState Gathering in Jacksonville, Florida, with some of the most prominent conservative leaders in the country.  Most of us are in this fight for the same reason– we love this country and aren’t willing to let her fail because of irresponsible policies instituted by our current government.  Often as I follow the events happening today I am concerned that our leaders are failing to realize that their decisions today will affect the future even once they are out of office; however, after attending the RedState Gathering, I realize that my future is actually in good hands.

I sat listening to Ted Cruz, the future Senator from Texas who has an overwhelming knowledge of the direction we must go in if we hope to remain a “shining city on a hill;” Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana who is rumored to be on the short list for Romney’s VP because of his steadfastness when it comes to standing for conservative principles and enormous knowledge on healthcare and education; Ken Cuccinelli, the first Attorney General at the Supreme Court in 2009 to file suit against the federal government for their blatant assault on individual liberties in the form of government-mandated healthcare; David Limbaugh, whose new book The Great Destroyer sheds tremendous light on the destruction President Obama is bringing on this country; Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee who is working to unite the Republican Party and grassroots activists; and many more speakers who are committed to getting us on the right track.  Almost every speaker had one thing in common, no matter their topic: Their passion for liberty was contagious.

When I listen to Harry Reid’s demands that Mitt Romney release his tax returns (even as he refuses to release his own) or to Nancy Pelosi call the Republican Party an “E coli club,” one thought comes to mind: The real issues aren’t being addressed.  They’re being avoided by the Democrats who are mainly responsible for them in exchange for talking points that will divert the attention elsewhere.  Last weekend, however, as I listened to Ted Cruz tell about how he grew up and to Bobby Jindal tell about the substantial education advances that have been made in his state, I was encouraged and realized that my generation is being looked after.  Contrary to some beliefs, there really are strong conservative leaders out there who are willing to serve– willing to give their lives to serving the country they love and bettering it for the next generation and all those to come.  They just need our help to get them into office, and then to support them against attacks from the Left and the mainstream media, both of whom are on a seemingly eternal mission to destroy any thought that comes from a Republican.  We aren’t on our own here; there are public servants who are able and willing to serve.  They want to and are doing their part in this fight for liberty.

I met some incredible people at the RedState Gathering.  I learned so much about the real meaning of “grassroots” and the impact we can have on elections.  The dessert was to die for.  With all of that, though, I’m coming out of this Gathering with an enormous sense that my future isn’t lost yet– the America I and thousands of others love is still standing, and will continue to as long as we have leaders like those who spoke at the RedState Gathering.  The future of this country is in jeopardy, but not lost; we most definitely have leaders who are willing to fight for it.  The America of tomorrow is being fiercely guarded by leaders who acknowledge what a great nation we truly are.

**Note:  This was originally published at The Patriot’s Press.