The "Third" Party We Need (It's Not What You're Thinking)

American politics is traditionally dominated by the constant battles between Republicans and Democrats, and as of late is being characterized by the failure of both sides to get things done.  Because of this, I think we do need a third party.  Not a third party like the Libertarians and “Green” Party; not a party that necessarily runs candidates for office with their letter following their names.  What we need is to bring back the party that was present in both Continental Congresses– the party of George Washington and James Madison– the party that fought the British and declared its own independence– yes, we need to rid the halls of Congress of these bitter partisan battles and instead bring back the American Party.

Of course that name wasn’t used at our founding; but that’s exactly the point– there were no political parties present at our founding.  The founders didn’t sit in the Continental Congress and go back and forth over whether “the Pursuit of Happiness” should be listed among the essential qualities we would embrace as a new nation.  They simply wrote the Declaration of Independence and our other founding documents as Americans.  Collaboration was naturally part of the process, and they didn’t always agree, but beneath the negotiations and discussions they were always bound together in their endeavors as Americans.

Just to be clear, I am not advocating a third party, and I am not advocating that we support any party but the Republican Party– but even in the current Republican Party we have people who are putting party above country, and that isn’t how it should be.  I am advocating that we either vote such people out of office or make sure they change their ways and put country first.

In a democracy such as ours, two opposing political parties is natural– and healthy for the well-being of the democracy, no matter how delusional we may consider the other side’s ideas and actions.  I’m not at all advocating that we go to a one-party system, nor am I advocating the addition of another “political” party; what I’m advocating is that we start acting first like Americans, and second like Republicans and Democrats.  Party lines should never go so deep that they cover the ability to do great things for a country.  They should never prevent people from having great and deserved opportunities.  Our biggest issue on Capitol Hill is the fact that we have two sides that simply refuse to agree on anything, and many of the people on both sides are willing to let our government go so far as to shutdown rather than compromise.

If our officials are focused on the same ideals– the best options for America– we won’t have to worry that our current Republican pushovers leaders are going to compromise just to say they “got something done.”  The point is not that we need to elect people who will compromise to get things done– the point is that officials on both sides of the aisle need to lay aside their political differences and start paying attention to what’s best for the country, which will result in a bipartisan effort to reclaim our values.  We need officials who will do what is best for America, not necessarily what is best for their party.  The American Party is a bipartisan one; the attribute that binds its members together is the fact that all of them are Americans who are looking out for their country’s well-being.  It should go without saying that all of our elected officials are card-carrying members of the American Party– but unfortunately, that could not be farther from the truth.  When we have Congressmen saying our schools should be modeled after Islamic schools and others who are outraged that AG Holder has been placed in contempt, it’s clear that not all members of Congress (and every other level of government) are members of this American Party.

Maybe the American Party shouldn’t be called a third party; it could actually be called the first party.  This party is not a political one– it is one that groups our elected officials and citizens together and enables those officials to make decisions that will positively affect the country, not solely their party ties.  Can you imagine if we had a Congress that actually put country before career?  If we had a Congress that thought more of their country’s future than their own legacies?  The amount and magnitude of the things we would accomplish are unimaginable.  As we focus on electing strict Conservatives in November, let’s also make sure those candidates are members of the American Party– we must guarantee that those in power are first focused on fixing our country’s problems; partisanship must take a back-seat if we hope to reclaim the liberty we were meant to have.