July 5th & Every Day After

Last night after the pool and fireworks, I watched Coming Home with my family and realized that the message behind Independence Day goes so much further than July 4th.  That’s only one day a year that we set aside to commemorate the tremendous pride we have in our country– but for military families, the message their loved ones fight for overseas are prominent in their minds every day of the year.  It’s said so much that it almost sounds cliché, but we really should make every day Independence Day.  No other nation on earth is like ours; however, if we become disappointed in our country, that will change and “the greatest nation on earth will become a nation like any other.”

As I read through articles yesterday about Independence Day and about the state of our country this year, I was disappointed that so many people seem disappointed in our country.  They’re disappointed in the direction we’re heading– rightly so– but to be disappointed in our country is only going to make our mission in November harder.  Be disappointed in our leaders and use that to become energized for changing directions, but don’t translate it into disappointment in our country.  The first time we start to believe our troubles are in the country itself will be the last time we breathe in a free America.  That’s how serious it is.

I completely understand and agree with the frustration regarding current events.  Our President has shown utter disregard for the Constitution and the Bible we were founded upon, and now our Supreme Court has opened the doors for a new level of absurdity when it comes to restricting our individual liberties.  But we can’t be disappointed in America– we just have to change our direction.  The ideals behind America– the ones that resulted in a Declaration of Independence to make them known all over the world– remain the same no matter our political situation.

July 4th always conjures feelings of patriotism and inspiration; and the only downside to that is the deflation many people feel once the day is over and they again become overwhelmed by the insults to freedom we see occurring today.  Don’t let these occurrences take away the American pride and determination you felt yesterday as you watched flags wave high over your neighborhood barbeque.  Continue to carry the message behind Independence Day to every corner of your world– we will eventually take our country back from the brink of a socialist, government-dependent society.  Until then, though, don’t declare disappointment in your country because of the way things are going.  Transform that into determination, and use it on July 5th, 6th, and every day after.

At this very moment there are soldiers fighting for your freedom; there are children who are learning for the first time what freedom means; there is a tall, white Lady standing in New York Harbor who holds the torch of freedom high.  Use these images and the hundreds more just like them to inspire your sense of patriotism far past July 4th.  Don’t let disappointment in our direction discourage you from holding pride in your country as you fight for its survival; there’s no match for thousands of patriots armed with ”the holy cause of liberty.”