Your Country Needs You!

Flags wave high at the Supreme Court

*The Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare was definitely not what Conservatives were hoping for.  ObamaCare is unconstitutional and even morally wrong in many of its provisions, and even though our Court has ruled it constitutional, I don’t believe it is beneficial if we continue to bask in the disappointment we felt on Thursday (and still feel today).  I say this because we have no way to reverse the Court’s decision (though we do have a way to repeal the law), and continuing to dwell on what we cannot change is only going to deliver President Obama a second term.  It’s been said by many already, but this was definitely the stirring that the Tea Party needed.  Getting the Tea Party excited is exactly what Conservatives need this year.  Your country needs you to set aside your disappointment and start getting fired up for November!

The ObamaCare mandate is, in fact, unconstitutional.  I don’t want to call it a tax, even though the Court ruled it as such, because that was never what it was intended by the Obama administration to be.  Why, when Obama and his team were so adamant that it was not a tax, would the Court almost change the law itself to turn it into a tax that they could deem constitutional?  If the law as President Obama and his advisors wrote it was not constitutional, the law should have been thrown out; but they did not.  The only place other than the 16th Amendment that the Constitution addresses Congress’s right to tax is in Article 1, Section 8:

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.

Taxes have to originate in Congress in order for them to be constitutional.  Taxes that originate from the President don’t constitutionally fit under that Section.

The biggest issue I have with the law itself is that it provides funding for abortions– it is a strictly pro-abortion law.  In 2014 federal tax-based subsidies will begin to subsidize millions of private insurance plans that will perform abortions on-demand.  Many of these will be administered by the federal government.  Another provision of the law gives the federal goverment the power to force insurance providers who do not receive federal subsidies to cover abortion as a “preventive” service.  The blantant disregard for human life by this administration is appalling and must be replaced!

Those are only two reasons I believe the law is clearly unconstitutional, blatantly wrong, and should have been overturned in its entirety.  Now, though, there is nothing we can do to reverse the Court’s decision.  Rather than criticize Chief Justice Roberts for voting to uphold the law, we should use that energy to campaign for Conservative candidates at all levels of the country.  Use that energy to study our founding documents and gain a better knowledge of how small the federal government really should be.  Use it to volunteer in your community.  Whatever you use it for, don’t use it to continue fighting the Court’s decision; that won’t get us anywhere.

I wrote an article a few months ago that thanked President Obama for his immense contribution to the Conservative movement; he has inspired thousands more people to get involved in Conservative politics than most of us will in a lifetime.  Now, although Chief Justice Roberts is nowhere near the level of President Obama, he already has and will continue to inspire thousands more Conservatives with his decision on ObamaCare.  While we never wish ill on our country, we can reverse this decision and gain thousands more patriots in the process.

Don’t waste valuable energy by criticizing the Court’s decision.  The Supreme Court is the only part of our system that isn’t politicized– and I don’t think we should make it so.  We need that objectivity and belief that they will follow the Constitution in the same manner, whether we always agree with their decisions or not.  Turn your frustration into passion for electing Conservatives this year.  Step up to the plate and be willing to lead the fight.  Your country needs you.

*Awesome photos courtesy of A.C.N. Photography!