"When You Find Yourself in a Hole, It's a Good Idea to Stop Digging."

This weekend I attended Congressman Allen West’s official campaign kickoff.  The atmosphere in that room was incredible!  It was standing room only– and people were more than happy to crowd in as much as they could.  Congressman West is one of few politicians with such avid supporters.  Personally, the Congressman has become one of my biggest inspirations; I love his off-the-cuff style and that he isn’t a “typical politician.”

Congressman West discussed many topics in his speech.  From the importance of repealing ObamaCare to the need for energy independence, he clearly laid out his positions on many key issues.  He began by speaking of his faith and family; he discussed his military background.  He commented that his father fought in World War II and his older brother served in Vietnam; the Congressman later followed in their footsteps as he fought in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  The ever-growing rate of government was also discussed.  ObamaCare is taking away too many of our freedoms, he said, and it must be repealed.  Our dependence of foreign oil is also of great concern to Congressman West; we become more and more “vulnerable” the longer we remain dependent on these foreign sources.  The current administration is doing everything possible to close all opportunities to increase domestic energy production to begin the end of foreign oil dependency.

Congressman West is the farthest thing from a “career politician” that exists.  His truthfulness and outspokenness make him one of the most loved yet most hated members of Congress.  He is definitely not known for his political correctness; in his own words, he’s “been known to speak the truth.  It usually ruffles a few feathers.”  It’s an encouraging thing to see in a time when most members of Congress are neglecting their duties in favor of earning brownie points with big donors or their Party’s elites.  Congressman West is continually exemplifying the qualities we seek in our elected officials at all levels.

I’ll end with some memorable quotes from the Congressman’s speech at his kickoff, but first I have to say:  Romney/West 2012!

The first goal of government should be to make itself as unnecessary as possible.

The safety net should not be a helmet.

We cannot be like little-league baseball, where everyone gets a trophy.

A nation that refuses to invest in the next generation is paving its way to decline.

When you find yourself in a hole, it’s a good idea to stop digging.