BRRC Dinner with Jeff Atwater PLUS - Cindy Tindell

Last night I attended a dinner put on by the Boca Raton Republican Club with Jeff Atwater.  Along with him, many public officials, prominent members of the Republican Party of Florida, and candidates for office were in attendance, including Adam Hasner, George LeMieux, Peter Feaman, Jack Furnari, Cindy Tindell, Geoff Sommers, Tami Donnelly, and more.  Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater gave a wonderful speech about what is really at stake in this election.  He really conveyed an important message that conservatives around the country will be rallying behind if we hope to win in November.  The biggest point he made concerning what this election is not about was this:  The election is not about the Buffett Rule.  He explained that President Obama’s $3 trillion 2013 budget runs a deficit of $3.6 trillion.  If the Buffett Rule was enacted to, as the Obama campaign has stated, help erase the deficit, it really would not accomplish its purpose– the Buffett Rule could support our enormous government for only eleven hours.  Eleven hours!

George LeMieux, candidate for U.S. Senate, also spoke about his reasons for running.  His children, he said, are the main reason he is in this race.  Leaving a strong and prosperous nation to the next generation should be of utmost priority for us as we continue to fight our ever-growing government.

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Cindy Tindell, candidate for State Committeewoman of Palm Beach County.  The duties of a State Committeewoman include communication between the RPOF and the county’s Republicans, organizing fundraising efforts in the county, recruiting volunteers, and helping get local Republican candidates elected.  Basically, the State Committeewoman is the delegate for Palm Beach County to the Republican Party of Florida.  I think Cindy Tindell is exactly the person we need in this position!  After speaking with her, I can tell that she is very dedicated to bringing the RPOF into the “modern age.”  She stressed to me the importance of modernizing the Party’s efforts to appeal to and support Republicans.  She discussed the importance of utilizing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  “The Democrats are doing it,” she told me, “it’s a great tool.  There’s no reason that we shouldn’t be using it to help in our efforts as well.”  Cindy is passionate about bringing new and fresh perspectives to the RPOF.  The incumbent has held that position for twenty-four years– that’s a long time without any new ideas coming through.  Cindy has the fundraising, grassroots, educational, and communications backgrounds to fit this role perfectly.  You can visit her website at www.CindyTindell.com.

CFO Atwater also spoke of Thomas Paine’s words in his poem, The Crisis, which was read to General Washington’s troops on Christmas Day to lift their spirits:  “If there is to be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”  CFO Atwater encouraged Republicans to continue fighting and not give up easily, knowing that by doing so, we are working to leave a better place to the next generation.

Speaking with and getting to know our current and potential elected officials and other representatives is one of the most important things we must do if we hope to maintain a solid government.

***You can view pictures from the event by visiting this link:  http://nextgenerationvoters.com/brrc-dinner-with-jeff-atwater-plus-cindy-tindell/  Be sure to check them out!