The Sound of Retreat!

What happened to the “war on women” that the Left so insistently argued that the GOP started?  Just a few short weeks ago, the media– both Conservative and Liberal– seemed to be consumed by this fictional war.  However, as of late I hardly hear of it.  What happened?  Were surrendering documents signed in some remote location without the public’s consent?  No, I think the Left realized that they were losing this “war” and simply decided to retreat!

Remember what started that “war on women”?  Sandra Fluke’s demand that the government provide her with free birth control.  In the middle of that “war”, Sandra Fluke was a name you could hear numerous times a day by watching any news station.  Now where is she?  Were her demands ever really an issue, or was she simply a wartime “spy” sent out by the Left?  They insisted that the Republican Party was to blame for this “assault” on women (check out this Lefty website and see for yourself– but be prepared, ’cause this one’s a doozy!).  The Left claims that if Republicans had their way, women’s place in society would return to that of the 19th century:  Not allowed to work outside the home, not allowed to vote, and treated as inferior to men in every way.  According to the Left, this would describe the lives of women under Republican leadership.

Yes, the Left seems to believe that women would be miserable and treated as second-class citizens under Conservative leadership.  Do they have any evidence to back up that claim?  None that I’ve seen.  The only piece of “evidence” I’m aware of is the Left’s claim that Planned Parenthood would no longer exist under Republicans, making it difficult for women to receive proper care.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure there are other places to receive preventative screenings and other such care.  Planned Parenthood’s main mission– the reason a majority of Conservatives oppose it– is performing abortions.  The life issue is a huge one for many; besides, if the Left supports abortion, they’re actually supporting the abortion of female babies as well, because males aren’t the only children who are aborted.  They may say that by supporting it, they’re allowing women to have a “choice”– but the problem is that it is no longer a choice when it comes to a child.  Their support of abortion actually makes them anti-women right from the start.

What about Julia?  Wasn’t she supposed to draw women to the fact that President Obama is “in their corner”?  Julia seems to have disappeared, especially compared with the media coverage she was receiving just a few weeks ago.  Her life of government dependency had no appeal and thus the entire fairytale backfired on the Left.  Contrary to the Left’s beliefs, women don’t want cushy, meaningless lives– we want to live the American Dream just as much as men do.  Gender has no effect on who desires that.  The definition of American Dream may differ from person to person, but the foundation of it is the same.  Women deserve the right to live their dreams in a free country just as much as anyone.

I really don’t think there is a war on women from either side– certainly not from the Right, but there is hardly one from the Left.  Here’s why:  If we said the Left had engaged in a war on women, we’d also have to say that they are in a war against every other demographic; at this point they seem to be fighting against “We the People”rather than fighting for them.

So, about that fictional “war on women”:  The Left fired the first shot, and the Right responded by sounding a battle-cry that thousands of Conservatives answered.  Surrender papers haven’t been signed, and the Left continues to fire occasional shots, but there’s no real war.  I use the analogy to annoy the Left :)  The whole event was a fake from the beginning.

War on women?  I don’t think so.  We’re more than just a vote, Lefties– I and thousands of other women are real people who won’t tolerate being used as a campaign slogan.  The “war on women” tactic didn’t work.  We fired the winning shot!