Potential #2's: Bob McDonnell

Speculation concerning Mitt Romney’s choice of a running mate is beginning to pick up as of late, with a handful of names being consistently mentioned.  Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, Paul Ryan, and Kelly Ayotte seem to be the names I hear the most.  Personally, I believe there are better choices than any of these people.  While I am a huge supporter of some of them, I think we need them in the House and Senate to keep strong members there.  Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has barely been mentioned as a potential #2, but I think he would be a great choice.

Bob McDonnell was elected in 2009 to be Virginia’s 71st governor.  Prior to that he served 21 years in the Army, both in active duty and reserves, and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  His father was a soldier before him, and his oldest daughter served as a U.S. Army Officer and is an Iraq War veteran.

McDonnell went on to serve as Attorney General of Virginia, where 92 of his 105 legislative proposals passed– most with bipartisan support.  Also during his tenure as Attorney General, he helped initiate the toughest laws on sexual predators in the country.

During his time as Governor of Virginia McDonnell’s record is remarkable.  He has proven that he is not afraid to go against the status quo and pass laws that may not be popular with the establishment.  The most recent law he signed that sparked tremendous outrage from the pro-choice community was a bill that requires a woman to receive an ultrasound of her unborn child before having an abortion.

Governor McDonnell comes from a state that may be critical in November.  His record is consistently conservative.  He is unashamed of going against the status quo.  He does not denounce social values.  He has southern appeal.  I think Governor McDonnell would be an excellent choice for Romney’s running mate.  Romney’s vice-presidential “search team” certainly has their work cut out for them!