Open Letter to Mitt Romney-- from the Next Generation

Dear Governor Romney,

I’ll start by honestly saying that you were not my favorite candidate in the primaries.  I supported Rick Perry and Rick Santorum, both of whom you sparred with in debates and on the campaign trail.  In those discussions, I did see in you a candidate who handled himself well under pressure.  In most cases, you kept your composure even when under incredible stress.  You are definitely going to need that quality in the general election, which brings me to the reason for this letter.  I’ve decided to fully support you for President of the United States.

Your past opinions on certain issues that are very important to me have made me apprehensive to fully support you for President.  I’ve never doubted that you would be a far superior President compared with our current one; I’ve simply had personal issues with your previous stances on issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and other social issues.  I’ve never doubted the quality of your fiscal, immigration, and national defense policies, but since social issues are a big deal to me, I’ve been hesitant.  However, President Obama has just taken a step way too far and I have decided to throw my full support behind you.

President Obama is now calling for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, a law signed by President Clinton in 1996.  It defines marriage as between one man and one woman and says that states are not required to allow people of the same sex to marry.  In the United States, traditional marriage is still the practice we follow.  I know that you support traditional marriage.  I can’t say why it has taken me this long to fully support you, but I can say that now I will support you completely.  Between President Obama’s support for abortion, gun control, socialist economic policies, apologizing for America around the world, and now his support for gay marriage and repealing the DOMA, he has just gone too far.  His actions border on treason.  The “tolerant” left has been allowed to infringe upon nearly every part of our country with their intolerance for views and actions that do not line up with theirs.  It has to stop.

I’m a young American who is deeply concerned for the future of my country.  I know that under President Obama, the future that I am working so hard towards will never be available to me.  Although many young people are still drinking the left’s “kool-aid”, many have developed a disliking for it after really experiencing what it does.  You are going to need young people to get you elected in November; they were a key voting bloc for President Obama in 2008, and you’re going to need to convince them that your vision for this country is a better one than the vision of a government-dependent society that President Obama is advertising (even though he isn’t using those words; his sound much more appealing on the surface).

I’m willing to fight for America for as long as it takes to bring her back from the edge of destruction she is teetering on.  I know that there are thousands more like me who are not going to give up easily.  However, we need a leader we can trust if we are going to successfully win the future back.  We have a choice between our current “leader”– I use that term loosely– and you.  I’ll take a successful businessman over a community organizer any day.

We need you, Governor Romney.  We need you to enact conservatives principles in the White House.  We need government to take their hand out of the way businesses function in the economy.  We need values to be once again placed in high esteem.  We need to stop apologizing for America around the world.  We need a strong defense at home.  Basically, we need you to bring back President Reagan’s three-legged stool of conservatism.  In return, you’ll be able to bring the country that you and thousands of others love back from the destruction it is heading toward and help put it back on the path to prosperity.  The next generation is being hugely affected by President Obama’s policies.  Jobs are unavailable to us, college tuitions are out of reach for many, and thousands are being blindly led down a path that will not lead to the equality and prosperity they are being promised.

I’m behind you, Governor Romney.  My generation is depending on you!

Bethany Bowra

By the way:  Once you have been elected, I would love to see you invite a group of young conservatives to the White House to discuss issues that pertain specifically to us.  I think it would help you understand better just how much we are affected by the policies you will put into place.  Just putting it out there!