I don't envy Julia!

Whoever Julia really is, she must be feeling pretty special (if she’s an Obama supporter; because she got turned into a faceless surrogate for the campaign).  The political world has been captivated by her for the past few days.  Apparently, all of us should strive to be just like this Julia or we’re somehow not thinking straight– oh, and we don’t care about the poor.  I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think her life sounds very appealing.

Julia’s life is played out on your computer screen by visiting President Obama’s campaign website.  At three years old, Julia has been enrolled in a Head Start program, so she is better prepared to succeed and learn in kindergarten; under the “Romney/Ryan” budget (apparently Obama’s campaign is fairly confident that will be the ticket?), Head Start programs would be cut by 20%.  I see so much twisted here.   Firstly, since when do three year-olds go to kindergarten?  Secondly, I thought kindergarten was supposed to teach you how to learn and be better prepared to succeed, since it’s your first school experience.  Silly me :)

The next step of Julia’s life is at seventeen years old (seems like a pretty big jump to me).  Under President Obama, her high school is part of a Race to the Top program, which means that Julia is ready to start her college applications and take her SAT test thanks to the new “college- and career- ready standards” of the program.  Under the Romney/Ryan budget (there it is again!), funding for public education would be cut to “pay for tax cuts for millionaires.”  I highly doubt that the only reason Julia is ready for her SAT is because of the Race to the Top program.  You know, there’s this thing called studying– it can help anyone prepare for the SAT whether or not their school is in the RTTT program.  Apparently, President Obama thinks that any education besides a public one is not efficient enough to educate our futures.  I strongly beg to differ.

At eighteen, Julia’s family qualifies for President Obama’s American Opportunity Tax Credit and a Pell Grant.  Under Romney, the AOTC “would be allowed to expire, and Pell Grant funding would be slashed for ten million students.”  The AOTC is worth up to $10,000 over four years; one could win scholarships worth more than that if he or she studies.  Hmm…

At twenty-two, Julia undergoes surgery (we don’t know what it was for or what the surgery was).  “Thankfully,” she was covered under her parents’ insurance plan (why didn’t she have her own insurance?  If she had a job– oops, I forgot; she doesn’t need one since the government is funding her life).  Under Mitt Romney, “health care reform would be repealed– Romney says he’d ‘kill it dead.’”  Lies.

At twenty-three, Julia decides to start working, and…I don’t really understand this step.  Because of President Obama, Julia would be given equal rights and equal pay.  Somehow this one doesn’t make sense to me.

At twenty-five, Julia is graduating, and since President Obama has kept interest rates on student loans low, her loans are manageable and she pays them on time every month.  According to Obama’s website, under the “Romney/Ryan budget,” student loan interest rates would be “allowed to double.”  Why not encourage hard work for scholarships and saving money instead of encouraging government dependence?

At twenty-seven, Julia has been working full-time for four years, and thanks to President Obama, her employer is required to cover her birth control.  This makes her able to focus on her work rather than her health (?).  Directly from the website, here is what would happen under Romney:  “Romney supports the Blunt Amendment—which would place Julia’s health care decisions in the hands of her employer—and repealing health care reform so insurance companies could go back to charging women 50% more than men.”

At thirty-one, Julia decides to have a child (alone).  She benefits from maternal checkups, prenatal care, and free screenings under healthcare reform.  Under Romney– “healthcare reform would be repealed.”

At thirty-seven, Julia’s son is about to start kindergarten.  The public schools in their neighborhood are much better and have great teachers thanks to President Obama’s policies.  Under Romney, federal funding for public schools in every state would be cut by 50%.  I don’t see a problem– in fact, if school funding were left up to the states, I bet those schools and teachers could be even better.

At forty-two, Julia decides to start her own business, and qualifies for loans under President Obama’s Small Business Administration loan.  This enables her to hire employees and work more efficiently– thereby growing her local economy.  Romney, apparently, would cut funding to this program by 20%.  How does that say Julia couldn’t still qualify?

Jump all the way to sixty-five years old.  Julia enrolls in Medicare, a program that is still running thanks to President Obama (under Romney, Medicare “as we know it” could end).

At sixty-seven, Julia retires comfortably and begins collecting Social Security.  Under Romney, Julia’s benefits could be cut by 40% and she may not be able to “volunteer at a community garden.”  I’m speechless about this one.

That’s Julia’s life (apparently she disappears after turning sixty-seven…the documentation of her life stops there).  Enticing, isn’t it?  A life full of government handouts and support.  There are a few vital things I see missing from Julia’s story:  hard work; integrity; personal responsibility; common sense!  Everyone would want Julia’s life if not for two things.  One:  Someone has to pay for Julia’s handouts.  If everyone had her life, the government would stop collecting revenue and no one could have it.  Two:  Most Americans still believe in the American Dream; a life of working toward one’s dreams and accomplishing them after years of responsibility and hard work.  You know that feeling of pride you get after accomplishing something you’ve been working toward?  Julia will never feel that to the fullest.  She may accomplish some dreams, but most of them happen because the government held her hand the entire way.  A life of dependency on the government will only lead to destruction in the end.

I don’t know about you, but I think my life beats Julia’s any day. 

A better life for Julia doesn’t begin with President Obama’s plan; it begins with this:  http://blog.heritage.org/a-better-life-for-julia/  Check it out! :)

**By the way:  I know all of that sounds crazy, but I didn’t make it up!http://www.barackobama.com/life-of-julia**