The American Genocide

You don’t often hear the words “American” and “genocide” in the same sentence, do you?  The genocide during the Holocaust is well known, and genocide is a crime against humanity.  On September 11, 2001, Americans were killed on our own soil.  However, there is a genocide going on within the borders of the United States that too many are overlooking– it is happening through abortion.  It is time to end the American genocide once and for all.  How can we expect our prosperity to fully return if we continue allowing this to occur?

During the Holocaust, from roughly 1933-1945, there were approximately 11 million Jews, handicaps, homosexuals, and others brutally murdered.  Their lives were taken to satisfy a greedy man’s selfish desire for power.  Instead of expanding Germany’s territory across Europe, he drove the world into war and committed suicide to end it.  Adolf Hitler was responsible for those murders.  What did Americans do about it?  We went to war.

Nearly 3,000 Americans were killed on September 11th, 2001, by terrorists seeking to launch a jihad in the name of Allah.  Their faith in Islam and hate for America drove them to hijack 747s and fly them into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and attempting to fly one into Washington, D.C.  Most terrorists make no attempt to hide their hatred for this country.  They hate everything we stand for.  One of their many attempts to destroy us was September 11th, 2001, and we have now been fighting them for almost 11 years.  What did we do about it?  We went to war.

There is a war waging within the United States as you read this.  A war that has lasted much, much longer than either the Holocaust or the War on Terror.  Since 1973, abortion has killed 50 million innocent children.  Why were they killed?  Oh, their mother didn’t want the bother of a child.  This is not true of all cases, but it is the case for many.  This war is much more severe than many seem to realize.  It really is a war; genocide is a crime against humanity.  What reasons could possibly be given to justify these actions?

Well, some will say, it’s not really a person yet.  Or is it?  If I asked you to define what a “living person” is, you would probably say one with a beating heart.  Studies show that the heart is formed just 14 days after conception, and it is fully functioning– pumping blood throughout the body– at 21 days after conception.  Three weeks in, it’s a person.  Killing an innocent person is murder; and that baby certainly is innocent.

How can we, as Americans, expect our nation to get back on its feet while this bloodbath continues to happen within our own borders?  There are so many reasons it needs to stop.  The first and foremost reason is that these children deserve a chance to live their lives just as much as you and I do.  Their lives are no less than ours.  What legitimate reason is there to end their lives before they even have the chance to live it?  A sense of responsibility must be instilled in this country once again.  Irresponsibility is a major reason for abortions; if a woman just doesn’t want her baby, she has the option to abort it.  Responsibility needs to be taught to the next generation so they realize how wrong this truly is.  Yes, a woman should be able to “choose” for her own body; but when another human being is involved, that choice no longer concerns only her.

Feminists rally around abortion as a way to give women equal opportunities with men.  I reject this idea of radical feminism; your body is not solely your own when a baby is involved.  That baby deserves a life.  Feminism was never meant to be this way.  Real feminism is equal work for equal pay, personal responsibility, integrity, and taking care of your home.  It’s called being feminine in most cases.  Today’s feminists are making the earlier ones look bad; but personally, I’ll stick with the earlier ones every time.

Let’s declare war on abortion.  Officially.  An unofficial war has been waging for nearly forty years and is still going.  Maybe if we make it official, we can have an end like that of the Holocaust– a quick one, with the instigators surrendering under the pressure.  It’ll take thousands of people fighting the war on their home turfs.  Are we willing to do that to end the war on human life?