The Case for a Strong Congress

I think many Americans have been focusing on an issue this primary season that, although very important, has not been the core issue that should have dominated our thinking.  Electability has been a huge argument for Mitt Romney as he battled his Republican challengers; Romney is more electable, pundits would say, but Santorum has real convictions.  Which would you rather have?  Apparently, electability won out this year.  That is why we need to make sure we have a strong Congress to keep Romney accountable should he win this November.

While I do believe that Governor Romney would be a far superior President compared to President Obama, I also feel that he still has moderate leanings that people should be alerted to and concerned about.  His advisors suggest that he would not repeal ObamaCare in its entirety– he would only repeal parts of it.  This is one of the reasons I believe we need a strong Congress– House and Senate– to keep a President Romney accountable.  It really should be a given; our Congress must be strong if we want laws to be passed that reflect our views and hopes.  However, I feel that in this election year, especially because so many conservatives are dissatisfied with Romney as our nominee, our Congress should be of utmost priority.

We have seen firsthand what an irresponsible Congress is capable of:  basically, nothing.  Our Congress has not passed a budget for more than 1,000 days because it cannot agree on what is “needed.”  It is ridiculous that our Congress is more concerned with political gain than they are for the good of the country.  In 2012 we need to elect more members such as Allen West, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, and Jim DeMint who are not afraid of respectfully going against the status quo– even when their Congressional seats may be put in jeopardy because of their actions.  These four men, and others like them, have proven that the well-being of America is at the top of their priority list.  Only members like these are capable of truly holding a President Romney accountable for his actions.

I do believe that a President Romney would be better for this country than President Obama; I’ll admit, I’m still having a hard time throwing my full support behind him.  My decision at this point is to focus on electing a strong 113th Congress in November; that way, Romney will be held accountable and will have no choice but to continue leaning farther to the right of center.  It is true that he has come much farther to the right since his Senate run in 1994; however, recent statements make me a bit apprehensive about what he would do as President.  If we have a strong Congress, he will not be able to do things that reflect his own views rather than that of the American people’s (not that reflecting his views are a bad thing, but his job as President is to represent the American people).  If we want President Obama’s destructive policies reversed, our best chance is to have a Congress that reflects those hopes as well!