Smart Girl Politics Action!

Smart Girl Politics Action has relaunched www.SGPAction.com, turning it into a more interactive website designed to help activists volunteer more effectively!

In the words of Stacy Mott, founder of SGP: “The new online homebase will continue to provide our members and supporters the latest information on hot topics, congressional activities, and what is going on at SGPA. It will also allow us to support a women’s blogger network of up to two hundred women across the country that will be able to share their point of view and then immediately broadcast it through social media.”  Some of the new features available include registering to vote, assisting with phone banking efforts, recruiting friends and family to join, assisting with Get Out the Vote efforts in your community, and becoming a member of your state organization.

I would strongly encourage you to take a look at SGPA!  This movement is taking off and it is doing an incredible job of furthering the conservative movement.  When you do join, make sure you do it through this link!