Game On

Senator Rick Santorum has suspended his Presidential campaign.  His reasons were not specifically stated, but it is clear that his family was a large part of his decision.  With little Bella just coming home from the hospital last night and still having pneumonia, it’s obvious that his family needs him right now.  I have to admire his decision to put his family above politics, but part of me is heartbroken over his departure from the race.  I’ve been supporting him wholeheartedly since the beginning of the year when Governor Perry exited the race, and I’m not ashamed to say I wish I had been supporting the Senator all along.

Senator Santorum embodied the values and principles that thousands of Americans have been trying to convey.  He had a passion for this country that was evident every time he spoke.  As a teenager and homeschooled student, I found in Senator Santorum someone who I truly believed would lead this country in the direction it needed to be headed.  My future would be adequately looked after and protected under a Santorum administration.  His dedication to defending the unborn was one of the biggest character traits that drew me to the Senator, and after that his thoughts and positions on other issues made me support him even more.

Many people, maybe even the White House, will be saying “game over” now that he is out of the race– the Senator said this in his speech this afternoon.  However, “this game is a long, long way from over.”  This is just the beginning.  We’ve barely begun the game; “game on” is still the appropriate thought.  Senator Santorum isn’t going to disappear as many people will wish; instead he will continue to fight for the values he has been defending and advocating since his entry to the race three hundred nine days ago.  Is a Romney/Santorum ticket in the future?  It doesn’t seem likely, but I can only hope so.