An Open Letter to President Obama~ from a Teenager

Dear President Obama,

I have to start off by thanking you; if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be involved in politics.  I also respect you as President of the United States, and as a man who obviously cares deeply for his family.  However, I’m curious as to what motivated you to take some of the actions you’ve taken since you took office three years ago.

I’ll start with the most recent incident that I’ve questioned.  On Monday you had a conversation with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that was clearly supposed to remain classified.  Speaking about missile defense, a critical issue, you told him, “This is my last election.  After my election I have more flexibility.”  Mr. President, flexibility to do what?  Are you willing to cave on our national security interests in order to further your own?  You explained to the Russian President that if Putin gave you “space” and they kept mum about a program that you apparently have in mind, then you would be able to better accommodate Putin; after your election, of course.  What kind of programs are you planning without disclosing the details to the American public?

As President, your job is to protect America’s interests abroad and at home.  Beyond that, according to the Constitution, your duties end.  Negotiating with a country that is not our ally to decrease one of our defense programs is a big deal; but it’s an even bigger deal when you plan to do so without telling the people who elected you in the first place.  Why have you done so many things quietly, without first seeking approval of them from the American people?  You authorized a $750,000 taxpayer funded soccer field to be built at Guantanamo Bay– the same Gitmo you promised to close– and did it so quietly that none but those who closely follow your actions realized what was happening.  Even now, many people do not know that that soccer field is being built.  Your administration says that we need to cut $1 trillion from our military budget, yet you found the money to build a soccer field for folks whose sole mission was to destroy the United States of America?  Mr. President, it doesn’t make any sense.

There will be thousands of people campaigning against your reelection bid this year.  Frankly, I will be one of them.  However, I still want you to succeed for the remainder of your Presidency for the good of this country.  Our President should be determined based on their love for America and their ability to turn our economic mess around.  If that is you, I support you all the way.  You’ve shown time and time again, though, that you seem to be looking for your own benefit rather than that of the American people.  Speaking strictly on foreign affairs, this is the second time in recent memory that you have been caught with an open mic moment that led to embarrassment not only for you, but for America around the world.  We are losing respect in the rest of the world fast, Mr. President, and criticizing the Israeli President when you thought no one was listening or being more “flexible” after your election only makes things worse.

I love America.  I want us to succeed as a nation and once again become a “shining city on a hill.”  Whether or not you win reelection in November is beside the point of this letter; with all due respect, Mr. President, I want answers.  Why are you spending my future away with no regard for the struggles my generation will face in the future as a result?  If we continue on our current path, my generation will be unable to support this country in any way.  We will be disrespected around the world and our national debt will be too great to ever repay.  We are at a critical moment now, where we must choose whether we will continue down this dangerous road to reverse our path and become the world’s greatest nation in every area once again.  I want you to succeed and be the one to turn us around.  I am certain that if you made this turn, you would have the support of the entire country.  If you choose not to, I still respect your time as President.  I would love to know what has compelled you to make decisions such as building the Gitmo soccer field, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, allowing an enormous trade deficit with China to continue, and continuing to pursue cutting our military budget rather than rid the government of wasteful departments and programs.  I look forward to your answer; my concerns are a bit more pressing than those of some people who have received calls and notes from you, so I look forward to settling these issues soon.

Bethany Bowra
A Concerned Young American