No Budget, No Pay Act

The title pretty much says it all; this bill is so self-explanatory that it hardly needs an entire post.  Currently being considered by both the House and Senate, the “No Budget, No Pay Act” is a non-partisan bill that, if passed by Congress, would be one of the first steps to “fixing” Congress itself.  Twice in recent memory our government has faced the threat of a government shutdown because Congress could not agree on a budget.  This would fix that.

In most cases, members of Congress can be divided into two distinct categories:  The true public servants are the first; and the sheep in wolf’s clothing, or self-pleasers, are the other.  It has become more apparent that the latter is in the majority.  The “No Budget, No Pay Act” was introduced by Rep. Jim Cooper (D).  I have heard Rep. Cooper speak on this bill and I believe he has hit the nail on the head on this issue.  This would finally force Congress to do their jobs!

Members of Congress still received their paychecks during the looming budget crises last year.  The average salary for members is $127,000, but more than half of them are millionaires.  With the money still rolling in, they really had no motivation to pass a budget.  Under this bill, if Congress does not pass a budget blueprint and the twelve appropriation bills necessary to it, then as the new fiscal year begins on October first, they stop getting paid until the budget is completed.  The bill also includes prohibiting those members from “repaying” themselves later on.  All in all, this bill is the first step to recovery for our mostly corrupt Congress.

Now comes the tricky part; it is almost certain that the media and perhaps even the Congress will try to hide this bill from the public.  If the public learns of this bill, it will receive huge support and Congress may be forced to pass it through.  That’s the best case scenario, since we know that Congress won’t voluntarily pass a bill to reprimand their own tardiness.  Passing it won’t happen, though, unless we spread awareness of it right now, in the early stages.  If we can pass a bill forcing Congress to do their jobs regarding our national budget, it will swing the door open to reforms for other areas of Congress as well.  Everything that is broken will need a first step to recovery, and I believe we have found it.  Now is when the hard work begins.  Spread the word!  Contact your Representatives in Congress and tell them that you want this bill passed.

**Congressman Tim Griffin of Arkansas has also endorsed this bill in Congress.  You can read a bit more about it on his website, here.  You can also fill out a form saying that you support this bill as well.  Let’s overwhelm his website with support for this bill!**

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