Mixed-Up Priorities

In case you hadn’t already noticed that President Obama’s priority list has been mixed up, there is now yet another example of it.  Last week it was announced that a year-long construction project would begin at Guantanamo Bay; the finished product will be a $750,000 taxpayer-funded soccer field for detainees.  Somehow, President Obama sees cutting $1 trillion from our military budget as the solution to our deficit problem.  I disagree!

When candidate Obama was out on the campaign trail in 2008, one of his biggest promises was to close Gitmo within a year.  He cited inhumane conditions and harsh interrogation as some of the main reasons.  One of his first actions as President was an attempt to fix “the mess at Guantanamo.”  It included closing it within a year, ending all harsh interrogation techniques, and an immediate review of the detention operations.  The two-week review that followed would confirm what most Americans already knew; the detainees at Gitmo were treated humanely and detentions were in compliance with the Geneva Conventions.  The review team also recommended several options to decrease the amount of assaults on the guards.  They included “more human-to-human contact, recreation opportunities with several detainees together, intellectual stimulation and group prayer.” 

Even during the Bush Administration, most prisoners at Gitmo were treated better than some prisoners on the mainland.  Those who were “compliant” were rewarded with days full of outdoor recreation, such as basketball, gardening, jogging– even soccer.  Now President Obama has found the need to build even more “accomodating” conditions for the prisoners of war that reside there.  This is just one more confirmation that the President’s priorities list has been mysteriously randomized. 

Our military is one of the major factors in what makes America great.  President Obama is planning to cut $1 trillion in funding for our military to solve our deficit problem.  This is wrong in itself; but it becomes even more wrong when he turns around and chooses to spend $750,000 in taxpayer dollars to build a better soccer field for prisoners, most of whom are being held on the crime of trying to destroy the United States of America.  I am certain that if given the choice, most Americans would choose to send their tax dollars toward our military rather than building better recreational fields for Gitmo detainees.

The issue comes all the way back to Obama’s election.  Based on some of his statements on the campaign trail, it is apparent that he was not properly informed on the situation at Guantanamo Bay.  It was found that only 1% of detainees were ever abused, and most of those cases were the result of desperate attempts to avoid another 9/11.  He campaigned on the promise to close Guantanamo within a year; instead, he is now building soccer fields there.  Gitmo does not need to be closed, nor do they need soccer fields.  This is just one more confirmation that we must replace President Obama in November!