RIP Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012

One of conservatism’s loudest voices, Andrew Breitbart, has passed away at the age of forty-three.  My heart sank this morning as the news broke across my screen; this just doesn’t make sense!  As young as Breitbart was, dying of “natural causes” just doesn’t seem possible.  Breitbart will be incredibly missed.  He was one of my biggest inspirations.  The way that he stood up to (and often provoked) those on the opposing side was unprecedented and entertaining to say the least.

Andrew Breitbart had a remarkable career and made a lasting impact that we will feel for years to come.  He helped start The Huffington Post; he created the blog, Big Government; he was even personally responsible for the temporary defunding of ACORN.  Breitbart was one of the Right’s biggest heroes and one of the Left’s biggest enemies.  He was never afraid to speak his mind and received great joy in arguing with Lefties.

This makes me want to fight harder.  Andrew Breitbart dedicated his life to conservatism and was never afraid of making enemies.  In fact, it was something he fairly enjoyed.  His passing makes me realize that even though only God knows how long we have on this earth, we can make tremendous impacts here on earth that will last for decades.  Making an impact through advancing conservatism is exactly what Andrew Breitbart did.  He was one of the only people who could make conservatism appealing to young people.  Now, our turn has come to carry that torch and pass the message on to our peers, just like he did.

Breitbart supposedly was out for a walk shortly after midnight last night when a neighbor saw him collapse and called 911.  CPR was performed and Breitbart was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead early this morning.  He is survived by his wife, Susannah, and four young children.  Please be sure to keep the Breitbart family in your prayers.

Andrew Breitbart was a leading voice for the conservative movement.  His legacy must be preserved and continued through the next generation; now is the perfect time to jump even further into the fray and inspire another generation of conservatives just like Breitbart.  We need to carry his legacy on and encourage more folks to be as gutsy as he was when it came to confronting the Left.  Conservatism has lost a great voice; but it’s not over.  Thousands of people across the country will be inspired by Andrew Breitbart to continue the fight and bring others into it with them.  All the work he did for advancing conservatism is going to be carried on.  He will be missed greatly.