Mitt Romney Endorsements: Sham or Real?

Endorsements in this 2012 GOP Presidential race have not appeared to make much of a difference; however, I’m curious about many of them.  It seems to me that many individuals whom I greatly admire and respect have endorsed the same candidate; could this be a coincidence?  Of course.  I want to know, though, whether it is or not.  Why is it that many prominent Tea Party “leaders” and icons have endorsed Mitt Romney, the farthest candidate from Tea Party views in this race?

Many political leaders and commentators whom I admire greatly– including Nikki Haley, John Bolton, and most recently Jan Brewer– have all endorsed Mitt Romney for President.  Like I said, this may be coincidental, but I almost find it hard to believe.  All three of the people I mentioned are Tea Party favorites (or, at least, were before their endorsements).  Mitt Romney has never, ever been a Tea Party favorite, nor do I believe he ever will be.  His record on changing positions on so many important issues, creating a government-mandated healthcare plan as governor in Massachusetts, and supporting the TARP bailout have made him far from first choice for many Tea Partiers.  Why, then, is it that so many prominent Tea Party voices have endorsed him for President?

Romney’s business record is certainly nothing to sneeze at; he worked his way up from nothing and had a remarkable career at Bain Capital.  Public opinion differs on whether Romney actually created jobs at Bain, and I think the answer can go both ways.  He created some jobs; but he also took some jobs as well.  However, that is how business works.  Capitalism and a free-market economy make it necessary for businesses to hire employees as they see fit.  Mitt Romney worked at Bain Capital and did destroy some jobs, but he did not personally destroy them.  He was not the lone decider in the cases that took jobs.

Mitt Romney does have an impressive business record; however, if we want a good businessman to be President, why aren’t people reaching out to Donald Trump?  This is one of the reasons I view Tea Party endorsements of Romney as a bit of a coverup; if being a successful businessman was the only criteria to being a good President, our list of previous ones would be drastically different.  People who have been in business are not the sole people we need running our country; successful records in Congress are essential as well, as is executive experience.  Mitt Romney has served as a governor, and his record is spotty at best.  Unemployment under his rule went down solely because people were leaving the state at the highest records ever.  He created a government-mandated healthcare system that included coverage for illegal immigrants.  It also provided state funding for abortions.  I see nothing in this situation to make me believe Mitt Romney would be a good President.

The same people who say Mitt Romney should be President for his business experience are also the people who say executive experience is essential to becoming President.  Yes, Romney has both of these.  However, one’s record of executive experience should weigh heavily on whether that person is fit to lead the most powerful nation in the world.

This is what makes me believe the endorsements of Mitt Romney by some of my favorite leaders are some kind of sham.  His business record is the only thing I have heard them cite as the reason he should be President.  I would think his record as governor is a better indication than his record in business of what he would do as President.  Even as recently as a few months ago, while on the campaign trail, Romney noted that not all parts of ObamaCare need to be repealed; only the “bad parts” do.  Really?!  Even then, I would say that includes all of it.

What other reasons could these leaders have for endorsing Mitt Romney?  Well, they could see a possible VP or Cabinet position in their future by endorsing him.  It is still widely believed that Romney will be the eventual GOP nominee, even though Rick Santorum is presently giving him a close chase.  By endorsing Romney, people such as Haley, Bolton, and Brewer could be looking to the future in hopes of receiving a high-ranking position in a potential Romney administration (oh, how I hope that never exists!).

This does not make me lose respect for these people; all are entitled to their own opinion.  However, it does prove two things to me.  First, it shows me once again that I always need to come to my own conclusions, rather than support a candidate simply because someone else does.  Second, it reminds me that even those in high-ranking positions may not always make a decision that lines up with mine.  Even people I admire may have opinions that differ from my own.

Are endorsements of Mitt Romney a sham, or the real thing?  You decide!