Roe v. Wade from a victim's perspective

Hi mommy!  I’m your baby.  You’ve never met me, but you will soon.  My name is Joy, and I have red hair and green eyes.  I want to be a doctor when I grow up.  I love you!  I love when you talk to me- it makes me feel safe and warm.  You were so happy when you found out about me, mommy!  Then someone yelled at you.  It made you sad, and it made me angry.  Who was that person?  You went to the doctor yesterday, mommy.  You seemed upset.  Is something wrong?  You haven’t talked to me all day, and you’ve been walking back and forth across the floor a lot.  Now you’re going back to the doctor.  What are they doing?  It hurts!  Make it stop, mommy!

Two more eyes that will never see, two more ears that will never hear, two more feet that will never walk, one more life that will never live.  Millions of babies just like Joy are murdered each and every day because of Roe v. Wade.  January 22nd, 1973, was the day it was made legal.  Thousands across the country will celebrate this day, but others will not.  Those others will be thinking of babies like Joy, the millions of lives that were cut short; lives just like this one that never got the chance to live.  Now is the time to stand up for the lives that will be affected by Roe v. Wade!  We need to speak up and stand up for the millions of babies without a voice.  One person’s mistake should not take the life of an innocent child.  That child will never meet his or her mother, and vice versa, because the mother chose not to.

When mass murders took place in history, the United States has almost always stepped in to stop it.  World War Two and the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City took thousands of lives, and our country went to war to justify and end them.  Why, then, do we fail to stop the mass murders that go on within our own borders every day?

Today, think of babies like Joy.  She never got her chance to live, because someone decided that baby would inconvenience them.  We should be ashamed that such a mass murder has gone on within our borders for so many years.  2012 must be the year we put an end to this.