[Book Review] "Time to Get Tough" by Donald Trump

In his latest book, Donald Trump shows how much he really does know about politics and foreign policy.  His book, called Time to Get Tough, is a great read for anyone who is interested in how to make us “#1″ again.  It is made abundantly clear in the book that Trump loves America and wants to do whatever is possible to put us on top again.  He has made many accomplishments in his career as a businessman and proudly touts those in the book as well.  His recurring theme of our “community organizer in chief” and his lack of leadership in the past three years is very interesting to follow, as well as reading about his solutions to many of the problems facing our country today.

One of the most interesting parts of the book, for me, was the part in which Trump writes about the growing threat from China.  They are rapidly growing their economy and military, and are producing brilliant students to continue that growth.  For every one American, there are four Chinese citizens, yet China is manipulating its currency and is making nearly $300 billion a year off us in unfair trading.  Trump is adamant about ending that manipulation or cutting our transactions with China off immediately.  He writes that China is stealing our technology, that we have spent millions, if not billions, of dollars on research to attain.  China is getting that same information for nothing, but instead is “laughing” at how much they can get by the United States government.  He writes about a chopstick-making company in Georgia, called Georgia Chopsticks.  The company’s owners, David Hughes and Jae Lee, realized that there was an abundance of the wood they used to make the chopsticks right there in southern Georgia, and found that they could make the chopsticks cheaper in America than they could in China.  As an added bonus, they would also be creating American jobs by setting up shop here, so they came up with a brilliant idea:  Make the chopsticks here in America and ship them to China!

As well as speaking about China, Trump discusses Iran and the growing threat from the Middle East, the need to dismantle OPEC, the need to rebuild our military, ways to save our entitlement programs, securing the border with Mexico, and much more.  He also discusses some of his meetings with the GOP candidates and how serious he truly was about running for President (and still has not ruled out a bid this summer).  I really do not think I have room to tell you all the things I found interesting in this book!  I would definitely recommend it!  Wonderful job done by Mr. Trump.