Why the Wisconsin Fleebaggers shouldn't be a surprise to anyone

I’m a Wisconsin tax payer, and pretty disgusted by the 14 Democrat state senators who’ve left town rather than allow a vote they know that the’re going to lose.  On the other hand, I’m not particularly surprised.

There’s a reason why every socialist government has either started as or degenerated into totalitarinism.  It’s because leftism/progressivism (or any system that beleives “the purpose of government is to take care of people”) isn’t compatible with democracy.

Leftist/Liberal policy is based on the idea that the governmnent’s police power (that is, the monopoly on the use of violence that we the governed grant the government) should be used to *force* people to behave the way “right-thinking people” beleive they should act, rather than in thier own best interest.  And this line of thinking can *only* end in totalitarianism.  They start out with broad and lofty social engineering goals, but eventually human nature and the precticalities of the real world mean that they’ll end up dictating every aspect of life.  It may happen in an afternoon or it may take a generation, but eventually we find ourselves being forced to salute our Dear Leader and facing jail time for being counter-revolutionary (or for hate speach, or for being intolerant, or whatever the leftist crime du jour happens to be).

The sad fact is, democracy simply isn’t a reliable enough foundation for enforcing this level of control; it can’t be counted on when it becomes necessary to make the productive turn over the product of thier work to those who are “more deserving”.  Scott Adams (speaking through Dogbert) has said “you can’t save the planet without making other people sacrifice”, and the same is true for socialism (which is probably why the environmental and socialist movements seem to dovetail so well these days).  At the end of the day, the “consent of the governed” is something that simply needs to be sacrificed if you’re dedicated to the of the Worker’s Paridise (or to Saving the Planet, which is just fancy wording for the same thing).

Bottom line, democracy to a true liberal is nothing more than an annoyance.  It gives way too much of a voice with people who are too stupid to realize how “opressed” they are.

The Democrats shutting down the democracy rather than accepting a loss is simply a piece with this line of thinking.