My conversation with Congressman Ron Kind

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Congressman Kind;

I was called by your “electronic town hall meeting” software, and if it wasn’t a complete fraud, it was the most cowardly act I’ve ever seen by a politician.  Why not hold a real town hall meeting where you’re not able to control the questions?  Why is it that none of your town halls during your last recess were within 50 miles of the largest city in your district?

 In the few minutes I listened to you answering softball questions, I heard you contradict yourself at least twice – I don’t care how many sob stories your stuffed audience comes up with, you can’t tell me that eliminating lifetime limits on payouts, requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions, and adding 12 million people to Medicare,  is goig to lead to controlling costs.  Niether can that Marxist snake oil salesman at the other end of Pennsylvania Ave convince me that this is anything other than a government takeover of the health care industry.  I know this doesn’t seem to matter to Democrats this year, but the American people Do. Not. Want. This. Bill.

 If you don’t vote no on this monstrosity, please be assured that I’ll be working every hour I can spare to see you voted out of office.


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Thank you for e-mailing me your thoughts and comments.  It is important that I know the views of my fellow Wisconsinites so I can carry out my responsibilities in the United States Congress. 


I appreciate hearing from you, and I look forward to considering your comments further.  I will respond more fully to your email as soon as possible.




Congressman Ron Kind


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Gee, Ron, thanks for the message from your auto-responder.  It demonstrates the kind of responsiveness to voter concerns I’ve come to expect from the Democrat party.  Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to meeting you in person on the unemployment line once you lot have finished bankrupting the country.