A question for every politician in favor or comprehensive health care reform

Many people have asked if our elected officials will sign an agreement to subject themselves and thier familes to the same health care system they want to impose on the rest of us.  I would like to posit that this request doesn’t go far enough.

We all know that the Soviet countries embraced a strange concept of equality, described by George Orwell in Animal Farm as “all animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others”.  In my mind, we now have a very similar problem here.  I make this statement based on several decades of imperial behavior by Congress, along with a remarkable web of laws that either exempt congresspeople or provide them with special priveledges.  I find myself asking how many politicians have children and grandchildren in the public school system, and seeing answers that scare me – once the ruling class starts to institutionalize its priveledge, the Republic is in serious danger.  We all know that, even if you allow yourselves to be subjected to the same government-run health system as us “little people”, it won’t be quite the SAME system; you won’t face the same faceless bureacrats, you won’t have to wait in line for procedures, you won’t face the same escalation processes and triage rules as the  rest of us.  And, depending on which party is in power, the American media will either watch for such behavior like a hawk, or give you a complete pass.

So, how do we ensure that you’re going to have the same level of commitment to the success of this  project as you’re imposing on a not-terribly-populace?  How about this: since you people don’t seem to mind the concept of a different set of laws for yourselves, and since you’re determined to remake the American health system in one  bold stroke, I would like to ask if you would commit to killing your families if you get it wrong?  I know this sounds obscene, but really, it’s what you’re asking us to sign up for.  In the  final analysis, you’re asking me to be to put the lives of my loved ones on the line; I’m asking the same from you.

So, if my parents or in-laws end up warehoused in a dim, dismal, bleak home where they’re loaded up with happy pills so that they don’t impose demands on the civil-service nursing staff, well, how about we lobotomize your  parents?  If my children can’t get treatment for a joint problem without a three-year wait, how about we cripple  one of your children?  If I my wife dies waiting for an angioplasty, how about we plunge a knife into your spouse’s heart?

You people are now trying to tell me that, once you’ve passed this monstrosity, and I see how “good” it is for me, I’ll really like it.  You want me to bet my health and my family’s health that, for the first time in human history, a massive government program will be put in place and will immediately and forever, be efficient, caring, and will focus on the needs of the governed (rather  than it’s own political well-being).  Here’s my response to that:

Put up or shut up.