Educating Democrats on the relationship beteen sowing and reaping

This is my response to a letter printed in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Monday, as the “letter of the day”.  There’s a lot more I wanted to say, but I had to keep it under 250 words.



The letter of 9/14 titled “Party of no ideas…” demonstrates either severe short-term memory loss or a complete lack of intellectual honesty.

There’s no other way to explain a belief that Joe Wilson’s outburst even approached the standard of behavior set by the left since 2000 towards President Bush and the Republicans, particularly not by someone who was in the Twin Cities during the 2008 RNC convention; it wasn’t Republicans planning the use of “urine bombs”.  She’s also forgotten the entire Democratic caucus booing Bush’s 2006 State of the Union address, President Obama’s staff chanting “Na Na Nana, Goodbye” as Bush left the White House, and an endless stream of demeaning portrayals of Bush in the Democrat-friendly entertainment media.

Throughout this, not one mainstream Democrat politician, including the current president, came forward to ask that the office be accorded some respect, if not the man.

I don’t approve of what Wilson did; I don’t think Republicans should engage in a “race for the bottom”, particularly not against people who are already living there.  But these shrieks of outrage against the Democrats’ new-found sense of decorum and reverence for the presidency ring a bit hollow.  Don’t complain about the bar being low when it was set there by your own behavior, day by day over an 8-year period.

It’s rather amusing that the party that spent 6 years calling the last president a liar for being wrong is suddenly sensitive to the current president being called a liar for telling lies.