"Socialism" is code for "the N word"???

I hope to eventually update this with a link, but in case you missed it, Chris Mathews is now claiming that “‘Socialism’ is code for the ‘N’ word”. I’ve always wondered how it is that people like Mathews know what the “code” is when *I* don’t (maybe he’s intercepting my copy of the super-secret cypher book?), but this puts me in mind of a story I heard back in the 80’s.

If you’re old enough to recall the 80’s, it was the time when feminism was still the cause du jour. When a good, progressive (male) Democrat’s is informed that his family doctor has retired, he schedules his anual physical with a young female doctor. Since he’s just turned 50, it turns out that she will be giving him his first-ever prostate exam.

As he’s bending over the examing table, his doctor says to him, “You seem tense.” He replies “Yes, I am”. She immediately gets defensive; “Is it because I’m a woman?”. He replies “No, I’m pretty sure I’d be tense with *anyone* doing this to me.”

Freud said that “sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar”, but a finger up the butt is a always a finger up the butt.

And that’s a truth we can count on, regardless of whether the person doing it happens to be a woman, or as happens to be the case this time, a smoot-talking, marxist “community organizer” from Chicago who happens to be half-black.