A quick observation re: hate crimes legislation

I heard a news report today Attorney General Erick Holter said that the tragic shooting in the Holocost Museum proves the need for hate crimes legislation.

Either these people are monumentally stupid, or I’m missing something here.  We’re talking about a lifelong bigot deciding to commit suicide-by-cop in the most conspicuous place possible.  Do people think that someone in that state of mind is going to stop and say, “Golly, I’d better not do that, it would be a hate crime!”

Of course, this kind of thinking can only be expected when discussing something that’s called “the Mathew Shepard law”; the morons who murdered Shepard were spared the death sentance only at the request of the because the victims family; apparently the death penalty isn’t quite enough of a deterrent, so they literally want a “fate worse than death”.