China to Limit Web Access During Olympic Games

My wife just sent me this link. Apparently, the Chinese promised the international Olympic committee that the would allow journalists free access to the internet, but have renegged (yes, I used that word!) on thier promise.

I don’t have the time to go into much depth, there, but I wanted to make two points:

1) Why should visiting journalists have more access to informatoin than the citizens of China? If you’re going to aid an abbet a dictatorship by helping it showcase a Potemkin villiage, you should also get a taste of what it’s like to live under said dictatorship.

2) Why did anyone think that the Chinese would have kep thier word on this, or anything else, inside thier own borders?

3) Anyone care to take bets on any major news outlet, anywhere in the world, boycotting the games to protest this? Journalistic integrity is all fine and dandy in a country with a First Amendment, but no one’s going to miss out on covering the finals of the mens full-contact tidley-winks competition over something as trivial as THAT!