MessNBC Martin Bashir Media Generated Apology to Sarah Palin Stinks of Expediency; I Don't Accept!

I don’t accept MessNBC Martin Bashir apology from last night nor would I accept it period. Martin has continued to hate on Sarah Palin for months at a time. This is not the first time. He decided he was going to push the envelope a lot further and went “there” this past Friday. Well you know how I felt with the release of my video on Saturday but now someone has to pay! Don’t let this man and network get away with a corporate generated apology.

Bashir Corporate Initiated Apology

Patriot Generated Response

It’s up to us to call out these guys and remember, they do this on purpose and then think they can apologize and keep on doing it. Well I say no and I want you to join me! Share this with your friends and family. Let’s make a statement!