Hey Rep Alan Grayson, I am a Black Tea Party Member and You are Ignorant!

The only way for the Democrats to get any gr#$%$roots movement is to come up with yet one more giveaway to an ill informed public, Grayson is clueless to who are the origins of the Tea Party and probably pretty jealous that the backbone of the country are our moms and dads who contributed the most to where the country was that we grew up in.

He is obviously trying to pump up his own notoriety nationally, pulling in the KKK is pretty reaching but effective, regardless he is following lock step with the prez in dividing the country. Regardless he’s still and #$%$ wipe follower, not a leader.

Congressman Alan Grayson this is not the MTV awards ceremony and you are not Miley Cyrus, you need not make a fool of yourself to get notoriety.

Floridians need to call for him to step down. He represents their state and if they tolerate this it makes one wonder why. The first time you’re a victim, the second time you’re a participant. People like this do not belong in politics but unfortunately we have a lot. Time to get rid of the weeds.

Look at any photos of KKK members and you’ll find a Grayson look-a-like. This man is a first class Idiot and is one of the many reason why this Double Minority (equal parts Native American & Black) does not trust White Liberals. First, they are not “liberal” and they treat minorities like #$%$ who can only succeed with help. Republican votes passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 … the majority of Dems voted against it (Look It Up Doubters). Republicans, in 1865 passed a similar Act only to have it thrown out by a Democratic controlled Supreme Court. As for Grayson, the old adage applies … “If it looks like a Fool, walks like a Fool and acts like a Fool, it’s probably a Grayson.”