Msg to Obama, Democrats - You passed this tax without reading it, Website without testing it you owe us 600M dollars

You passed this legislation unread, in the middle of the night on a straight party-line vote and the Senate ‘passes’ it by sleight of hand and you wonder what’s wrong with it? This entire debacle is the Democrat’s fault. You paid over 600M dollars and took three years to accomplish that. Now Nancy Pelosi wants to weigh in:

“This has to be fixed but what doesn’t have to be fixed is the fact that tens of millions more people will have access to affordable, quality health care “

This is “pure” unadulterated crap! This is only going to result in citizens paying too much in order to die too young.

Obama is having a press conference today to tell the nation that the website is “Unacceptable.” He will call on the best and brightest to step forward to help fix his website Once again the community organizer couldn’t even organize this to create the first website……..incompetence at it’s best.

After all, we all know each and every democrat is to blame for the Obamacare mess up. They defended it when they let the government shutdown rather than delay the individual mandate.

Have you noticed how the democrats don’t even care that no one can sign up for Obamacare by the deadline? All they care about is placing blame, and never mention that millions of people will have to pay a tax/fine because they refuse to delay the individual mandate.

Nineteen million unique visitors means nothing. It’s how many sign up. Interesting how you have one figure but not the one that really matters. Still spreading the “big lie” of affordability Nancy. I will believe everything you say when you, your colleagues and your aides sign up.

No, it’s not the glitches that are “unacceptable,” it’s ObamaCare!