I Challenge NAACP to Defend Practices of Selectively Supporting or not Support Issues Affecting Black Community

I understand what he NAACP did for black Americans during the birthing of the civil rights era, but today’s NAACP is absolutely nothing like that! It’s time to personally challenge NAACP reps across the country to defend their practice of selectively supporting or not supporting issues relating to black Americans who have represented the White House, to juvenile and adult prisons and to the streets of our cities.

The NAACP of today rarely goes into the streets, communities or prisons supporting the needs and concerns of ALL Americans, black or otherwise. Usually what you receive from NAACP reps are statements like “You should be part of the NAACP to help us move our message.”

When I was growing up in the early 70s, I was proud to be part of the junior NAACP. My father brought home a card with my name on it and I carried it around like a driver’s license. Today, in the communities, I don’t see the NAACP there anywhere.  The communities don’t even know what the NAACP really is or what it stands for.

The NAACP Is a “Race Hunter “Organization. They represent Liberals, that was fine in the 60’s. I’m talking about Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New York and many more Democrat infested states.

The 20th CENTURY BLACK MAN CANT EAT CIVIL RIGHTS ………… They Jobs, Prosperity, Crime Free Homes & Education and the NAACP doesn’t have an answer for teaching them how to get it without the government’s help!



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