Barack Obama Sucks at Being Commander In Chief; Cry if you want to...It is what it is!!

Drip, drip, drip. It’s just a matter of time. The more lies that they use to cover the old lies, the more this whole mess will escalate into his impeachment or resignation. Or at the very least, the destruction of the Democratic party in the mid terms. that’s why some of the Dems are trying to distance themselves from this traitor but it’s too late. They’re tainted with the same disgrace.

All of this  just shows how most Democrats completely fell for all the media and Obama lies & misinformation. Their brains are deep down believing the corruption, but still are looking for any little tidbit to justify their gullibility. They really can’t accept that they were completely hood-winked, and many of their beliefs of Liberalism are wrong. But when the truth is completely revealed, they will turn on him and the Democrat Party with outrageous anger…….

Still, there are those 30% to 40% that don’t care as long as they believe they will get something from the Federal Government, and still fall for the propaganda that it is the wealthy that is the cause of their problems.

Its pretty obvious the Obama Admin has fostered corruption from the highest echelons to the lowest levels of a tyrannical regulatory government. There just doesn’t seem to be any area that they do not want to control when it comes to the individual citizen in their pursuit of freedoms; happiness; life.

Here’s a secret for you that you probably don’t think about: He campaigned for this office and paid to hide information to get there, so sit back and watch us scrutinize this guy.

If he was a white democrat, he would already be out of office. If this was a white republican he would be on trial for treason. If he was a black republican he would be publicly destroyed. Obama has killed more in the middle east than Bush. Why isn’t he a war criminal? The media covers him because he is a black democrat.

Let me close by saying this…..we will continue pointing out his failures because that’s what happens when a failed leader has scandals the size of Jupiter. Cry if you want to…..it is what it is!