NAACP Julian Bond Once Again Blames Another Organization for his Organization's failings and shortcomings

One of the largest RACIST organizations in this country is the NAACP and yes I said so. Sure that is my opinion.  The NAACP doesn’t want racism to go away, they perpetuate it because it keeps them in existence. Julian Bond and the rest of the old Congressional Black Clan from the late 60s, you know the ones..they are easy to spot. They are all drawing huge salaries against the donations of gullible people who think this bunch of racists actually do something. Let me school those that want to pound the desk in support of Julian….the NAACP hasn’t done anything for their contributors or the black community in years, they simply keep their racism business going.

Think about this just for a second.

Julian Bond, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and a the rest of the minstrel conclave rally against white republicans for fairness. These charlatans never rally against the party that make promises they can’t keep.

The NAACP needs a boogie man and it can’t be Massa Democrat Party or they will stop receiving the goods of free cheese and food stamps.

I’m so pleased Mr. Bond supported his accusations of “overtly racist” with specific quotes from the Tea Party. I’m sure the NAACP has a battery of lawyers who were capable of suing the IRS back in 04′ when he says the group was targeted. He is forgetting why we now are aware of this scandal. The current groups are suing the IRS over there unfair treatment and the rest, as they say, is history. The apology from the IRS came only after the department was sued. (We’ll ignore Jay Carney’s comment that an apology does not mean anything wrong was done by the agency) It is time Mr. Bond step aside. Bring the NAACP into the 21st century with someone who does not promote racism within its ranks and is actually interested in bettering the plight of blacks in this Country without grinding a 200 plus year old axe in the process.

Bond thinks it’s OK for those in power to use their authority to intimidate and punish anybody with whom Mr. Bond disagrees with, or suspects of wrongdoing. Mr. Bond, like Mr. Holder and president Obama, seems to harbor a festering resentment for American rule of law, a policy of “Distrust first, ask questions later.”

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