Obama House of Cards About to Come Down! Benghazi Whistle-Blowers Finally Coming Forth!

Obama apologists, just stop. Obama’s story was that he had single-handedly killed jihad. Remember, he said that he had them on the run. Barack Obama’s words were and I quote:

“Al-Qaeda is on the path to defeat and Osama Bin Laden is dead.”

Then oops, on 9-11 we’re attacked by Al Queda, right before a presidential election. The president, Secretary of State, and UN Ambassador proceed to tell lies to the American people for two weeks that the attack erupted during a spontaneous protest regarding an anti-Islamic movie trailer, when it was obviously a well orchestrated attack. Not only did the administration not give military assistance during the attack, it ordered military assets to stand down.

Hillary lied to Congress about seeing the embassy requests for increased security. After every American tragedy in recorded history the survivors are plastered all over the media. These people just vanished from the face of the earth. So amid all the lies and suspicious behavior on the part of the administration, people actually doubt that there are threats and intimidation to keep these people quiet?

It would almost be laughable if it were not so absurd. The President of these United States says he has no knowledge of anyone being threatened or blocked from testifying about our Ambassador being killed in Benghazi, but he will check into it. Four Americans were killed who were trying to do what was asked of them by this President, but he doesn’t know anything about a coverup concerning this seven  months later. I am amazed that national security concerns are farther from his mind than a basketball player coming out of the closet. What is wrong with this picture?

Bengazi was never seriously investigated. We may now have a means to answer all those questions if handled properly. Many seek to to obstruct such possibilities but that’s not what’s costing us money. A Democratic party hell bent on spending every last penny till we all drop from excessive taxation is. A national dept that has grown to sixteen trillion dollars with a no stop spending policy.

A future that looks bleaker for our children as spending continues and unemployment hovers around eight percent and jobs disappear overseas. Gas prices are costly enough without it affecting food prices and everything in between.

Poor thought out policy’s such as immigration; healthcare reform: hidden taxes; the list is endless is draining not only our wallets but leaving us void as a country.

All of Obama decisions are based on politics, he cares more about his social agenda than America’s future. Obviously there is a cover-up on Benghazi and Fast & Furious. Why would he blame a video on a planned attack on our consulate? Change talking points. Not one survivor of Benghazi has been publicly interviewed. He gives a speech before the UN and blames the video and defends Islam.

Fast & Furious he claims Executive privilege, at the same time saying he knows nothing about it.

This administration is polluted, what is even more frightening is that Obama my not be close enough or informed on the serious issues facing the nation. He is more concerned with his own image than performing his job. No executive can adequately perform and be on the TV circuit reading the teleprompter as much as he does. He is more of a public relations star than a Chief Executive.

Without the support of the press, Obama would be the class clown.

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