Brokaw Asks: "What Prompts A Young Man To Come To This Country And Still Feel Alienated From It?"

Didn’t take long for the standard liberal diatribe.  “Let’s look to ourselves to see what we did to deserve this.” “How can we change?”

Some things need no more examination than what is evident. They blew people up. What more reasons do you need, Tom Brokaw to justify that in your network’s self-hating, worm ridden minds? Those of us that possess common sense and respect our own lives need no more “self examination” or “soul searching” or “hand wringing”, mystified at our attackers actions. I simply propose we do what any other freedom loving people’s of the earth would do when attacked with no justification (and I dare anyone to find one for these two hack-wanna-be-martyrs), fight back.

The left has pushed ‘diversity’ so much that we no longer assimilate immigrants. For instance, many neighborhoods and cities don’t even use English as a functional language… And this is America?

We Americans all came from somewhere else.   We used to value Assimilation… “the Melting Pot”… but no longerit’s not politically correct.    So people come here… don’t change… don’t melt in… and end up isolated, alone, and ultimately angry.   Not to mention a drag on a declining economy.

Liberals cannot come to grips with these actualities and continue to believe that Islam is a”religion of peace.”  It is not.  It is a religion of war,
self-described.  Liberals, however, have their own religion, whose canon proposes that no man is truly evil; there are just those who just need a good
talking-to.  Tom Brokaw is one of their spokespersons, and he does a wonderful job.

The one thing Mr. Brokaw left out: We have re-evaluate our open borders immigration policies in which such alienated and dangerous people are allowed into the country with open arms and subsidies, only for them to attack its citizens from the inside.

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