Senator Rubio, I like you a lot but "Amnesty" by any other name is still "Amnesty"


Senator Rubio, I like you a lot. I love your story of how your parents were immigrants and how they raised you and your siblings. I enjoy watching when you join Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul on the floor of the Senate. That is a great thing to watch, however, I feel you are being disingenuous when speaking about this policy that you are creating with the Democrats. When I say Democrats, I include John McCain and Lindsey Graham in that clique.

Senator Marco Rubio told “Fox News Sunday” that anybody living illegally in the United States and attempting to get a visa would face a long list of qualifications, which includes paying taxes, a fine and an application fee as well as having a job and waiting for at least 10 years.

“That is not amnesty,” said Rubio, a Cuban-American considered a key member of the so-called bipartisan Gang of Eight. “Amnesty is the forgiveness of something.” – ABCnews.com

Please understand, sending all of those people back at once is an idea that was probably off the table from jump. However, what you are the democrats are proposing is Amnesty. Sure your friends can remove the “Amnesty” bad word and replace it with “earned legalization,” but here is my question….to earn something you must have a beginning correct? That beginning is Amnesty.

These people came over the border “illegally.” They are in this country “illegally.” They are getting paid, driving vehicles, receiving medical attention, tax refunds….all “illegally.” To allow them to stay in the United States under this condition, the name for this act is Amnesty.

These people came over and stayed without being documented broke the law. They are being “rewarded with penalties.”

You can tell yourself until you are blue in the face and crowds chant your name as you enter the stadium, that it’s not amnesty but I beg to differ.

Yes there is a provision in place for “Guest” workers but after that period is over, they are to return home.

Senator Rubio, don’t get caught with the name game of Washington, DC. The Congress takes people like yourself and turns them into people like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. You are not anywhere near that but you continue with this fight on “name branding” and you will lose in the future.

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