Southern Cal Prof Sragow tells students Republicans are Stupid Racist!

People don’t understand that this Professor is MAINSTREAM as a college instructor. This is what they teach in schools. This IS what is taught by the media, academia, and by most of government. Anti-white racism rules in America in 2013. It’s amazing how people refuse to face up to this.

But I want you to know that if this professor spoke with such hatred about homosexuals or muslims, he’d be fired immediately and be charged with a hate crime; yet the same hatred against conservatives (and in many cases Christians) is not only tolerated but is acceptable in this country?

USC Professor Darry Sragow. How does this man get to keep his job with hate speech in front of your kids?

Have you noticed that Liberals teach White children ( if they are not aborted ) to submit to the rapes, robberies and beatings from Blacks and Hispanics because they deserve it . Sadly many follow that advice and fall victim to the ethnic cleansing of White America.

I feel fairly certain this guy has never appeared in a major journal of political science. He does not represent the discipline. He represents poor decision making low standards and accountability in a college bureaucracy. His “lecture” is insulting, without basis in research, creating a hostile learning environment and amounts to little more than a small, wild animal with a weak bladder marking territory. He is a cheer leader, not a professor.

I don’t believe I could sit there and keep silent in any way. I’m pretty sure I’d be challenging him on everything. His statements are generalities and he provides no data or facts to even back up his opinions. And if you pay attention to what he says, most everything he says is just opinion.

He is filled with hate and he is willfully creating new ‘facts’, which are nothing more than blatant lies, to brainwash his students. He is an outright subverter of our country. If this was Merry Old England his head would be on a pike on the bridge. Instead he manipulates those freedoms and opportunities he reviles (and which have carried him to his current position in spite of his incompetence) to wreck havoc on the youth and future of our nation.

Email Dean Steve Kay of USC and complain about this low life. Email is – [email protected]

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