Preibus To Visit NAACP for Changes; As A Black Conservative I think that’s a Bad Idea

Who did Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman speak to before he made this end-road decision? He couldn’t have reached out to the majority of black conservatives in the party because I am sure they would have probably told him the same thing I am going to now – Bypass the NAACP and go directly into minority communities!

The NAACP, in my opinion, would be a bottleneck of epic proportions that would distort Reince’s message and make it seem that he was begging for their support. Look how they have treated George W. Bush, John McCain and as of late Mitt Romney. This is not the same NAACP that I remember growing up. Their charter, their purpose has changed for the worst. Instead of standing on the side of justice, they have chosen political sides for greed and prominence.

I remember when I was growing up, my father, who was a Pastor, was part of the Civil Right Movement in Cambridge, Maryland. NOTE: My father was there when they tried to burn the city down but he didn’t take part in that. This was the time of Gloria Richardson and H Rap Brown from the Black Panthers.  My father was more than active within the “old” NAACP. My mom even told me that they had National Guardsman standing outside the house at night because my Dad couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

I remember one Saturday morning, my father came home angry, when I mean angry he was livid! I tried to stay away from his sight because I didn’t know if he had found something I had done, but the more I listened to him talk, my fears were calmed…it wasn’t me. “They’re trying to change it, they are messing the entire organization up” is what he bellowed to my mother who was in the kitchen. My father had been to an NAACP meeting and when he returned he saw some changes coming down that he couldn’t accept. This was the early 1970s.

The NAACP has been changing over the years. Most of America has seen this from their own eyes. They have taken positions that they would have never sided with in the 60s when it was a proud organization. They have been co-opted by corporations, religious organizations and politicians due to greed and money.

The NAACP has been out of touch with the black community for years. Aligning with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson just cements their demise

The NAACP is not about reaching across party lines to deliver any type of olive branch  and that’s the sad truth. That idea left this organization over 55+ years ago. No…today’s party would take Reince Priebus’ message and never let it touch the light or day in the black liberal communities. Here’s a little secret for you also – The black communities in America really don’t follow the NAACP organization anymore because they see the craziness going on and they actually try to steer clear if they can. When was the last time you saw 10-15 people in the same neighborhood with NAACP membership cards…doesn’t happen like that anymore.

My solution to Reince Preibus is to bypass the NAACP and go directly into the minority communities. Set up shop and don’t stop. What I mean by that is open up Republican offices and staff it with members that resemble America. Democrats do not corner the market on Blacks, Latinos, Asians, American Indians. We have that on our side also. Staff these offices with Americans that are knowledgeable about what the party stands for and why it’s better in the long run to leave the mindset of being a government dependent. Hold monthly meetings, seminars, question and answer sessions where the community will soon develop a trust and understanding of what the party stands for. They don’t want a parade, they want someone that is going to listen and develop solutions for their situation and from our side it’s not all about handouts……..we give them a hand up!

There’s a group of young people that should have a choice on what direction their lives should go. Don’t count on the NAACP to carry Reince’s message to them. We have to do it ourselves.

Some of you probably think that they won’t listen to what we have to say. How will you know that if you don’t take the time to Set Up Shot and Don’t Stop! Democrats will tell the community that you won’t last. It’s time to squash that argument.

This is the time to make the move. We can’t allow another year to go by with an autopsy report of things we already knew about served on a dull, who cares tray of information that nobody on the grassroots level will read.