PLAYING POLITICS: Obama - "Let's Make It A Little Harder For Our Kids To Get Gunned Down"

President Obama, you continue to jet around the country using the people’s plane, and the people’s money to drum up anger against Republicans who are doing their job per the Constitution and what the founders of the country set forth. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean they have to stop!

You want safety in the schools, stop playing politics, alright, then have an armed guard there. With armed guards, then you would be serious about the kids safety, all your doing is blowing smoke, and wasting tax dollars flying around in Air Force 1.

Obama, in your hands this is ALL about politics.

Why else would you rope in grieving people with still open wounds, to try to create backing for your fight against the Second Amendment.

If Obama had a conscious, he might even be ashamed of himself…but I doubt he is.

Obama is all agenda, all of the time.

Intelligent discussion and reasoning have no place in his world.

Nothing discussed in the Obama plan for getting rid of guns would have changed or stopped the situation in Sandy Hook…sadly.

Pay attention to dealing with the mentally ill in this country if you really want to make a difference, Mr. Pres.

Otherwise you are just abusing people to push an agenda you already planned to push.

Enforce the laws already on the books before you shove more rotten laws down our throats. As a state senator you did nothing to fix your state’s murder and gun violence problems. Now as president you attempt to make gun purchases more difficult for those looking to keep themselves safe from your constituency.

Before I close Mr Pres, in case you were not aware, the Newtown killer was not able to buy guns because security checks. He got them anyways by killing his mother and taking hers.  So how would any additional security checks make children safer?  You need to enforce existing laws and get treatment for those mentally impaired individuals who are prone to violence. You may also want to prevent your administration from selling guns to known criminals. You could have saved several hundred Mexicans and Americans.

What hypocrisy.

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