A Gender War in Redstate Comments?

First, full disclosure. I am a Conservative Reagan Republican woman. I find it a bit sad, and even a bit comical, that I feel the need to disclose my gender. But it seems that a small group of males on Redstate have turned gender into an issue in comments they have made on two recent posts. I rarely post and seldom comment on Redstate. But, I do read posts and comments here, on a daily basis. High quality of writing and standards on Redstate is what I found so attractive about this site in the first place. An ugly gender war waged in Redstate comments is not attractive. It is offensive to me as a Redstate woman and, I believe, it is offensive to the vast majority of males on Redstate.

I think it’s prudent to get a couple of issues out in the open, the issues which lurk beneath derogatory comments on Redstate that are the subject of this diary. Did Sarah Palin damage her political future by agreeing to speak at a “Tea Party Convention” in Nashville? Nobody knows the answer to that question, yet.  Moreover, Erick Erickson did not say she had damaged her political future with her decision to speak in Nashville, he merely posed a legitimate question about it. Is the “Tea Party Convention” a bad idea? Well, it is definitely a controversial idea, simply because of the name chosen for the convention. It conjures up nightmarish images of a third party movement breaking out in Nashville and Palin leading it. I am of the strong opinion that Palin is standing on her Reagan-Republican roots. Nobody in their right mind wants a third party movement launched in this pivotal election year.

I agree wholeheartedly with opinions expressed by Erick Erickson, that not everyone involved with the tea party movement is in it for pristine patriotic reasons. It doesn’t take the wisdom of Solomon to spot the infiltrators who see it as a means to their own ulterior (personal, political and/or financial) ends. The tea party movement is the biggest thing to hit the American political spectrum in many decades. 0pportunists are coming out of the woodwork to cash in on it. So, it’s Buyer Beware time.

I’m aware that this site is owned by a sponsor of the CPAC convention and that Palin’s decision to skip the CPAC convention, while agreeing to speak elsewhere, probably spawned hard feelings among Republican Party stalwarts.  I believe that Erick Erickson’s question, about whether Palin had unintentionally damaged her political future by agreeing to speak in Nashville, was an honest question that needed to be asked and not a product of sour grapes because she is skipping CPAC. 

My impression of Redstate was and is, that this is a site for Republicans who are not happy with business as usual in the Republican Party. So, when the old Republican political machine sputters into life in comments on Redstate, and attacks Palin’s recent decisions, it’s back to “business as usual.” The very fact that Palin was not a Republican political machine insider in Alaska is what makes her so appealing to supporters of the grassroots tea party movement.  When attacks are made against Republicans who distance themselves from “business as usual”–through the avenue of comments on Redstate–it is not a pretty sight, not here or anywhere else.