Did Gingrich Cross Swords with Palin or Cross the Rubicon Today?

What did New Gingrich intend to accomplish this morning? Did he merely cross swords with Sarah Palin, his potential rival for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012? Or, did he cross the Rubicon, making conflict with Reagan-Conservative Republicans in all fifty states inevitable? This morning, on a Fox morning talk-show, Gingrich arrogantly scolded Conservative Republicans for contributing money and moral support to Hoffman, NY-23, conservative candidate for Congress.

Gingrich–a Hamiltonian nationalist if there ever was one–suddenly morphed, before my very eyes, into a Tenth Amendment states’ righter, demanding that conservatives around the country keep their noses out of the business of a New York congressional election. According to Gingrich, New Yorkers chose Dede, the progressive-liberal Republican, as their candidate, the clear implication of his words being: Reagan-Conservative Republicans in American can just shut up and take a hike.

But, wait a minute, was it just New Yorkers who chose Dede? Not quite. The National Republican Party annointed Dede as its candidate of choice for NY-23 and opened up its hard little progressive heart and big money bag to Dede, an infamously liberal Republican.  

My take on Gingrich is that he is good with words and doesn’t toss them around casually. I think he deliberately chose the words he used this morning on the Fox talk-show. But what I haven’t decided yet is, what was his real objective? Was he attempting to drive Sarah Palin the Maverick Republican from the Republican herd for endorsing Hoffman? If so, that would limit his “fighting words” this morning to a battle between him and Palin for the hearts, the minds, and votes of Republicans.

Or, did Gingrich intentionally challenge Republican Party unity? Did he cross the Rubicon? Did he declare war on the conservative base of the Republican Party which is showing gritty determination to endorse true conservative Republicans running for office in all fifty states?

I don’t know how the majority of conservatives come down on Gingrich’s position on Dede, on Hoffman, and on Palin. But I do know this. I don’t know take kindly to being lectured to by a man who has just endorsed a flaming-liberal candidate, precisely the kind of Republican I don’t give a damn for and would not give a dime to support. I don’t know if Gingrich crossed the Rubicon as far as most conservatives are concerned. But he crossed the Rubicon, cast the die, as far as this Reagan-Conservative Republican is concerned.