Happy 235th Birthday, USMC - "Always Faithful"

My father-in-law was a Marine, a Korea vet. An old friend was one, having fought on Iwo Jima. You must know at least one Marine yourself. They are everywhere, and they have fought everywhere, “from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.”


Speaking of Tripoli, isn’t it interesting that the United States faced a threat from Muslim (Ottoman) lands as early as Thomas Jefferson’s administration in the early 1800’s? The pirates merely cut down a flag at an American consulate, but that was enough for the President to understand the significance of the attack. He dispatched troops to stop the uprising. How would the noble author of the Declaration of Independence be reported today for his decisive, protective response?


Regardless, today I am thankful for Jefferson and those first few Marines. And as history has repeated itself, I am also thankful for other Presidents and Marines who have acted decisively to protect the freedom and peace I enjoy today.


Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps, November 10, 1775.